How do you get the elevator down in Drangleic castle?

How do you get the elevator down in Drangleic castle?

How do you get the elevator down in Drangleic castle?

You have to actually kill one of them close enough to the statue for it to activate. It’s the same principle as the room next to the first bone fire. you could kill all the statues in that room and not have anything open if you weren’t close enough to a door/statue when you killed them.

How do I open the door to Drangleic Castle?

As you arrive at the castle door, you will see two Royal Swordsman, after killing these, they will continue to spawn around the left side of the castle. You must kill them close enough to the stone guardians either side of the door, they will absorb the souls and open the door for you.

Can you kill Nashandra in Drangleic castle?

They can be destroyed with any attack. Nashandra can also be encountered at Drangleic Castle as an NPC, guiding you to seek the Ancient Dragon and the Giants.

How do you activate golem in Drangleic castle?

The golems are activated by souls. You need to kill the Royal Swordsmen as they pour out of the castle while standing near the gate, so that the inactive golem can absorb the souls from the Swordsmen when they die. This is why they spawn infinitely.

Should I kill vendrick before Nashandra?

In order to face him as an encounter, you must have defeated Vendrick before you fight Nashandra, who can be considered the former “final boss” of the base game’s story. If you don’t kill Vendrick first, you won’t get to see the new boss — period.

Can you heal Looking Glass Knight?

As a summoned Mirror Squire, you may restore portions of the Looking Glass Knight’s health with any healing spell, such as Warmth or Great Heal. The Knight will not react to these spells, but it will be healed as long as it remains close enough to the caster.

What happens when you stray from Drangleic Castle?

If you stray to the right, one of the Syan Soldier statues will come to life and join in the attack; if you stray to the left, two of the three here will also reanimate.

Where is Drangleic Castle in Dark Souls 2?

Drangleic Castle is a Location in Dark Souls 2. Drangleic Castle is where King Vendrick and Nashandra ruled over Drangleic until the Undead Curse outbreak. NPC Chancellor Wellager sells Repair Powder here along with in game apples.

Where are the golems in Drangleic Castle?

You will enter a room with several Stone Soldiers . Some in pairs in front of Golem doors that you have to feed a soul in order to open, just like how you entered the castle. All the Golem doors in this room house a Ruin Sentinel. At the back of the room are two Golems that will light torches if you feed them a soul.

Where to find bone dust in Drangleic Castle?

Once you enter the hallway on your left, a Syan Soldier guarding a door, containing a chest with a Sublime Bone Dust . Continue down the hallway, baiting the Syan Soldier statues to come alive, and killing any that do; including the one you killed first, here should be a of four statues that come to life in this particular hallway.