How do you get the gold steering wheel in Mario Kart 7?

How do you get the gold steering wheel in Mario Kart 7?

How do you get the gold steering wheel in Mario Kart 7?

What’s the gold steering wheel? You get it when you race in 100 races with gyro controls at least 80% of the time. You can turn off the gyro controls and just use the first-person mode.

What does the Golden wheel mean in Mario Kart?

White players (if they exist in 8) are playing with the wheel but don’t have any achievements with it. Silver players have reached the first benchmark (if the cap for gold is 50, this one might be 25 races) and the gold players have reached the final benchmark, if the 50 races is to be believed.

How do you get a gold steering wheel in mk8?

As far as I’m aware you need to win at least 50% of the most recent 100 races with motion controls (either GamePad or Wii Remote) in order to unlock the gold steering wheel.

How do you know how many coins you have in Mario Kart 7?

You can see how many coins you’ve collected so far by selecting “Mario Kart Channel” from the title screen, then clicking the icon of your Mii’s face. 10000 coins, or Streetpass 100 people with Mario Kart 7.

Do you have to upload ghost data to get gold wheels?

User Info: gameman250. If you want the gold tires, you HAVE TO UPLOAD your times after you beat those staff ghosts. If you do not upload them, no gold tires… No, you do not.

How do you get a gold Wii Wheel?

2 Answers

  1. You have to have raced at least 100 races.
  2. You need to have used Wii Wheel as your controller more than 50% of the time.

How do you unlock karts in Mario Kart 7?

Here are the Gold Parts you can unlock in Mario Kart 7:

  1. Gold Glider – StreetPass 100 peeople / OR collect 10,000 coins.
  2. Gold Standard Kart – Get a VR higher than 10,000 points / Or collect 20,000 coins.
  3. Golden Wheels – Beat every cup and Mirror Mode on on all speeds and receive at least 1 star on each cup.

How do you unlock the gold tires in Mario Kart 8?

Gold Standard kart: Win every Cup with a single star on both 150cc and Mirror Mode in Grand Prix. Gold Tires: Beat every Staff Ghost in Time Trial mode at 150cc. Gold Glider: Collect 5,000 coins in total (or 10,000 coins in Mario Kart 8 on Wii U).

How do you beat all the staff ghosts in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

If you have some trouble beating a staff ghost, look at this guide and maybe it will help you: For a fast speedy combo, go for Circuit special, Slick tires, and any glider that increases speed. If a staff ghost seems to be very hard, I recommend switching slick tires to a high traction tire.

How do you get golden parts in Mario Kart?

Start with the Golden Kart, the easiest to obtain. Like the Wheels in MK7, you unlock this by completing cups. You only need to complete Mirror Mode and 150cc with at least one star to get this. It is even easier to get star ratings in MK8.

Is there a gold kart in Mario Kart 7?

Gold Standard. The Gold Standard (known as the Gold Kart in the British English version) is an unlockable kart part in Mario Kart 7, Mario Kart 8, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. As its name implies, the kart is a gold-painted version of the respective games’ Standard Kart.

Is the steering wheel black on the gold standard?

The combined Gold Standard has poor drifting and the worst off-road in the game. From a third-person view, the Gold Standard’s steering wheel is gold; however, in a first-person view, it will remain black, unless the player has earned the Golden Steering Wheel by doing 100 races with at least 80 using gyro.

How much acceleration does Mario Kart 8 have?

Mario Kart 8 1 Ground Speed: +0.75 2 Water Speed: 0 3 Air Speed: +0.75 4 Anti-Gravity Speed: +0.5 5 Acceleration: -0.75 6 Weight: +0.75 7 Ground Handling: 0 8 Water Handling: 0 9 Air Handling: 0 10 Anti-Gravity Handling: -0.25