How do you kill Alik R in Skyrim?

How do you kill Alik R in Skyrim?

How do you kill Alik R in Skyrim?

Another way to make killing them easier is to push the guard standing next to the gate into the small “room” next to the gate. From here, it will be easier to kill him with a sneak attack. Without the guard, it is much easier to wait until there are no witnesses and kill the two Alik’r.

Who is telling the truth Kematu or Saadia?

If you go and check in Whiterun’s Hall of the Dead shortly after, you find Saadia’s burial urn. Meaning she was killed, and suggesting that Saadia was telling the truth: Kematu and his men were in the employ of the Dominion all along.

Should I tell the Alik R where Saadia is?

The desperate woman will ask you not to tell the Redguards where she’s at – it would be catastrophic for her. You can complete this mission in two ways. If you believe Saadia, skip to Talk to the Alik’r Prisoner. If you prefer to side with the Redguards, skip to Inform the Alik’r of Saadia’s location.

Should you kill kematu Skyrim?

After completing the quest, kill Kematu anyway. Saadia will eventually regain her ability to move, needless to say, she’s pretty p’oed at you. Kill her and steal her stuff.

Can Saadia be a follower?

Saadia – Time of Need is a mod that expands Saadia’s role in Skyrim. If you side with Saadia during her questline, you may obtain proof of her innocence, and she will become available as a potential Follower, Steward, Spouse, and Traveling Merchant.

Are the Alik R telling the truth?

Saadia, which is from a noble house speaks out against this and that angers the people with the agenda, so they hire the Alik’r to kill her so she doesn’t interfere with the plan, she doesn’t know who she can trust in Hammerfell so she runs away. So in this scenario, Saadia is 100% telling the truth.

What happens to Saadia?

If you side with the Alik’r, Saadia will be permanently removed from the game, and no other residents of the inn will take notice, or mention her. Saadia wears barkeep clothes and a pair of shoes. She carries a key to the inn, and after her quest she has a steel dagger equipped (if you sided with her).

Who are the alik’r Warriors in Skyrim?

Alik’r Warriors are Redguard mercenaries from Hammerfell. They are on the lookout for a suspected traitor from Hammerfell, although it is unclear why. According to their leader, Kematu, they were hired by the noble houses in Taneth to track down a Redguard woman who supposedly sold out the city to…

Where are the alik’r in the Elder Scrolls?

She asks the Dragonborn to assassinate the Alik’r, whom she claims are ruthless assassins. After bargaining with an Alik’r prisoner in the Dragonsreach Dungeon, he will tell the Dragonborn that the rest of the Alik’r and Kematu are hiding in Swindler’s Den, a small cave west of Whiterun.

When do the alik’r warriors go back to Whiterun?

The first two Alik’r warriors will appear back in Whiterun after the related quest is over, remaining there permanently. This bug is fixed by version 1.1 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch. The World Interaction for the second two Alik’r harassing a woman should stop appearing once the quest completes, but does not.

Where are the mines in the alik’r desert?

Ash’abah Pass — A fortified coastal pass in the Alik’r Desert visited only during the Daggerfall Covenant quest The Initiation. Badwater Mine — A mine located near the southern wall of the city of Sentinel. Impervious Vault — A fortified storehouse buried underneath a tower in the city of Sentinel.