How do you kill the zombie elephant?

How do you kill the zombie elephant?

How do you kill the zombie elephant?

Despite being huge, the Zombie Elephant regularly flinches from gunfire and melee attacks. The group of survivors can pin him down by attacking simultaneously from all sides. The Hunting Rifle is the most effective weapon against Oscar, killing him within 4-6 shots.

What are the creatures in Resident Evil?

Resident Evil

  • Zombie.
  • Hunter.
  • Cerberus.
  • Wasps.
  • Giant Spider.
  • Chimera.
  • Plant 42.
  • Yawn.

Is outbreak like Resident Evil?

Outbreak: The New Nightmare markets itself as an homage to classic survival horror, but it’s basically a shameless ripoff of games like Resident Evil. Developer Dead Drop Studios LLC stated that Outbreak: The New Nightmare is an homage to classic survival horror games like the original Resident Evil.

What caused the Resident Evil Outbreak?

The viral outbreak in Raccoon City was caused by several actions by Umbrella employees – one release of the T-virus in Raccoon Forest, and another release of the G-Virus in the city.

How do you fight the elephant in IX?

To defeat the war elephants, you must target the side armor, then aim for the face once it is exposed. When one war elephant is defeated, a second war elephant will spawn. Defeat it in the exact same way.

Can you beat IX zombies?

You can kill as many normal zombies as you like in this timeframe, but the only special ones you kill must be in your designated order. Once you’ve done this for the first time, four more symbols will appear on the obelisk once you interact with it and you have to do the same thing all over again.

Is Resident Evil Dead Aim canon?

This game is Non-canon. The game is non-canon, because it has nothing to do with the main series. The game is about the TG Virus, a combination of T and G. But Umbrella never did that, the only time we hear of them doing that is in dead aim.

Is Resident Evil Outbreak local multiplayer?

They decided that what made Resident Evil scary was its lack of multiplayer, forcing gamers to play “on their own”. The team then chose that the game would follow its own story like the other games in the series, but keep the option for multi-player.