How do you structure a popular science article?

How do you structure a popular science article?

How do you structure a popular science article?

Here are some tips and techniques for writing good popular science articles:

  1. Ask the right questions. Begin ordering your ideas by asking yourself the questions: what?
  2. Structure your article well. Know where you are going.
  3. Use a catchy title.
  4. Simplify the content.
  5. Avoid jargon.
  6. Use the active voice.

How do you write a popular science summary?

Start with the most important thing: Begin with the conclusion – what have you discovered? Main point: Concentrate on one main point, not the whole thesis. Avoid detail: Focus on the main features – avoid reservations and definitions. Active sentences: Use direct language, avoid the use of ‘one’ and passive structures.

How is popular science writing different from the academic science writing?

Popular science writing differs from academic or technical writing in two main ways: In science and engineering, the primary purpose of academic writing (e.g. lab reports) is to inform. In contrast, the primary purpose of popular science writing is to entertain.

Where can I submit my Popular Science article?

STORY SUBMISSIONS We read every query but will respond only to those that are under serious consideration. Please note that we no longer accept paper submissions. Writers should submit queries to [email protected].

How do you write a science article?

10 Simple Steps to Writing a Scientific Paper

  1. Write a vision statement. What is the key message of your paper?
  2. Don’t Start at the Beginning.
  3. Storyboard the Figures.
  4. Write the Methods Section.
  5. Write the Results and Discussion Section.
  6. Write the Conclusion.
  7. Now Write the Introduction.
  8. Assemble References.

What is a popular science summary?

A popular scientific summary is a text written for non-‐experts. It should explain in a simple way and not contain too many long difficult words. A poster for thesis day or a text for a magasine can be counted as a popular scientific summary.

What is the purpose of popular writing?

Popular sources — intended for a general audience of readers, they are written typically to entertain, inform, or persuade. Popular sources help you answer who, what, when, and where questions and are essential for finding information about current events or issues.

Why is popular science writing important?

The goal of popular science writing is to make science more accessible to an audience outside its limited audience, but its purpose is to persuade readers of the validity (or lack of validity) of scientific observation.

How do you pitch Popular Science?

Writers should submit queries to [email protected].

How often does popular science come out?

Popular Science

Magazine cover (January, 1923)
Frequency Quarterly
Publisher Bonnier Corporation
Total circulation (June 2014) 1,321,075
Year founded May 1872 (as The Popular Science Monthly)