How do you upgrade your house in play together?

How do you upgrade your house in play together?

How do you upgrade your house in play together?

When you are inside the house, tap on the orange color home icon on the top-left and tap on the furniture shop icon button on the right to see the list of items that you can buy and decorate your house with.

How do I install playpark auditions?

Copy – Paste Method Installation

  1. Install Easy Anti-Cheat (See the instructions from the previous topic above.)
  2. Go to Audition Next Level folder. Right-click the “Patcher.exe” and send it to Desktop. Make sure to run the Patcher with admin rights to avoid any issues.

How do you get a lot of money on play together?

The surest way to earn money fast in Play Together is to press the collect 3x reward button after completing the pizza delivery mission. You will have to watch a 30-second video to collect 3x rewards. So if you earn 100 stars from a mission, you will get 300 stars if you go for the 3x reward offer.

What’s the maximum level to play RF Online?

The standard version is the most traditional way of playing RF Online. Level up to 71 nonstop and rise to become the best player around and a hero among your race! A new concept of server with progressive development. The initial max level is 50 and will be gradually increased. First to 55, then to 60 and so on reaching the maximum level 75.

Where are the three races in RF Online?

In a far corner of the galaxy on a planet called Novus three races are engaged in a never-ending war. You decide who to support in this fight. The scientists of this race have learned to transfer consciousness to robotic bodies making the Empire warriors truly indestructible.

Which is the best Kamael class in 4game?

Arbalester – top range class for farming, low mp dependend, good dmg all-around. Hawkeye – if you hate Kamaels, 2nd best archer Other than this: fill it freely. Also heard that Daggers, Tanks, Duelist are bad in general. But that just rumors. If you have more info write it in here. Need more info. Will we have Kamael class Inspector?