How do you use fief in a sentence?

How do you use fief in a sentence?

How do you use fief in a sentence?

Fief sentence example

  1. Each fief was organized like the kingdom.
  2. The help afforded by Ertoghrul to the Seljukian monarch on a critical occasion led to the addition of Sugut to his fief , with which he was now formally invested.
  3. His daughter Marie sold the fief of Coucy to Louis, duke of Orleans, in 1400.

What is a fief from the Middle Ages?

Fief, in European feudal society, a vassal’s source of income, held from his lord in exchange for services. The fief normally consisted of land to which a number of unfree peasants were attached and was supposed to be sufficient to support the vassal and to secure his knight service for the lord.

Who are fiefs given?

The fief usually consisted of land and the labor of peasants who were bound to cultivate it. The income it provided supported the vassal, who was obliged to fight for his lord as a knight.

How many acres is a fief?

Knight’s Fee – In theory, a fief which provided sufficient revenue to equip and support one knight. This was approximately twelve hides or 1500 acres, although the term applies more to revenue a fief could generate than its size; it required about thirty marks per year to support a knight.

How do you use Lord in a sentence?

Lord in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Being a fine and fair ruler, the lord was respected by both royals and peasants in his kingdom.
  2. Even though the lord was the head of his castle, the king still had authority over him.
  3. The lord was in charge of ruling everyone in his district and used his power to his advantage.

What is fief holding?

Fief-holding was the practice granting land to a vassal by the lord in return for loyalty and military services. Manorialism was the economic system under feudalism. It was based on manor – the agricultural land operated by lord and worked by peasants. Peasants work for lord and lord protects them.

What is fief Class 11?

The lord gave the knight a piece of land that was called fief. Land of the fief was cultivated by peasants. In lieu of that, the knight paid his lord a regular fee and also promised to fight for him in war. In this way, they became a distinct group.

What is a Lords land called?

A demesne (/dɪˈmeɪn/ di-MAYN) or domain was all the land retained and managed by a lord of the manor under the feudal system for his own use, occupation, or support.

What is fiefdom mean?

: an area over which someone exercises control as or in the manner of a feudal lord The Seigneur could not sell his fiefdom without approval from the Queen.—

What is a synonym for Manor?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for manor, like: chateau, house, land, villa, demesne, mansion, manor-house, hotel, estate, castle and priory.

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