How do you use scrupulously in a sentence?

How do you use scrupulously in a sentence?

How do you use scrupulously in a sentence?

Scrupulously sentence example

  1. The mileage was scrupulously recorded, as was everything else.
  2. Fauchet has the reputation of an impartial and scrupulously accurate writer; and in his works are to be found important facts not easily accessible elsewhere.

What does the word scrupulously mean?

1 : having moral integrity : acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper. 2 : punctiliously exact : painstaking working with scrupulous care.

What does meticulously in a sentence?

Meticulously Sentence Examples She watched as he meticulously saddled Ed and tightened the cinch. He meticulously kept his stats, listing his infrequent ups with the care of an accountant. The motorcycles that are custom-made by the American Choppers stars are meticulously planned and put together.

What is the best definition of meticulously?

: marked by extreme or excessive care in the consideration or treatment of details a meticulous researcher.

How do you use the word scrutiny in a sentence?

Examples of scrutiny in a Sentence the close scrutiny of data I’d never faced that kind of scrutiny before. Because of their past crimes, everything they do now will be subject to scrutiny. Her opinion is based on a careful scrutiny of the text.

How do you use the word sundry?

Sundry in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because I was unsure of the San Francisco weather, I packed a sundry of clothing items to wear.
  2. The store at the summer camp facility will carry a number of sundry items just in case you forget something from home.

Is scrupulousness a word?

Attentiveness to detail: care, carefulness, fastidiousness, meticulousness, pain (used in plural), painstaking, punctiliousness, thoroughness.

Is meticulous good or bad?

Is meticulous good or bad? It is usually very positive, as with many such descriptive words, but also can be negative, for example: He is meticulous to a fault because he often neglects responsibilities that are just as important because of the extra time he spends with the lawn and flower beds.