How do you use the CHI Infra High Lift cream color?

How do you use the CHI Infra High Lift cream color?

How do you use the CHI Infra High Lift cream color?

Mix (1:1) 1 part of CHI Infra High Lift Cream Color and 1 part of chosen CHI Color Generator to smooth consistency. APPLICATION: No pre-shampooing is needed. Apply generous amount of product on dry hair.

Will high lift color lift color?

High-lift colors can usually lift up to 5 levels lighter. Can you lift hair color with hair color? Definitely not. You’ll need to bleach your hair or strip the color out of your hair before attempting to go lighter.

What is the best high lift color?

908 Extra Light Silver Blonde is the Highlift with the strongest Toning capabilities, with sleek, Silver hues create a strong chic Platinum Blonde.

What is high lift color?

What Is High Lift Color? High lift color is permanent haircolor that lightens the hair and deposits a tone in one step. This type of color offers a shortcut in your blonding services to achieve results faster.

Can Chi color lift color?

CHI shine shades offers the ability to deposit, lift, tone, correct, and refresh all color tones.

Is high lift color bleach?

Think of high lifts as the rocket engine in your hair color arsenal. They are the strongest colors in your palette. Meaning they will give you maximum amount of lightening plus tonal deposit. High lifts are not bleach, bleach will lighten hair the most but has no tonal refining capabilities.

Does high lift color cover GREY?

CORRECT FORMULATION: With respect to the use of permanent hair color: Color formulas from level one (black) to level 8 (light blonde) will cover gray. Formulas of level 9, 10, 11 or 12 are generally labeled “high lift” or “ultra blonde” shades. These shades were NOT developed as gray coverage colors.

How long does Chi dye last?

Semi-Permanent Semi-Permanent can last up to 12 shampoos or more (depending on the porosity of the hair) The oxidation process causes small color molecules to not swell very much making it easier for these to be released gradually every time the hair is shampooed.