How does I am responding work?

How does I am responding work?

How does I am responding work?

In addition to IaR being able to receive dispatch feeds directly from CAD systems, TwoToneDetect by IaR also detects, records and imports the actual audio dispatches directly into your IamResponding system. Members then receive and can listen to the actual audio dispatch right through their IaR apps.

What is I am responding app?

IamResponding (IaR) 4+ This App is a companion feature to the IamResponding system, which enables first responders to know who is responding to an incident, where they are responding, and when. This is used by fire departments, EMS agencies, police agencies, and many incident response entities and teams.

WHO is responding to Canada?

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The system also includes incident notifications, duty crew scheduling, inter-agency messaging, incident mapping with directions, hydrant and water-source mapping, and much more. This App brings all of the primary features of the IamResponding system to mobile users in the field, in an easy-to-use and access format.

Is there any downtime in iamresponding service?

IamResponding is delivered on the most redundant, reliable and real-world proven network in the industry with zero downtime in 6+ years. Millions of dispatches have been processed, and more than 2 BILLION messages have been delivered to subscribers worldwide. Learn more about IamResponding’s features

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How much does iamresponding cost for fire departments?

$300 pricing is only for fire departments, EMS agencies and municipal response teams. It is not available to response teams which are part of a commercial entity. Discounts are available for region-wide implementations. Call (877) 509-0381 for regional pricing quotes.