How does Oracle determine SGA and PGA size?

How does Oracle determine SGA and PGA size?

How does Oracle determine SGA and PGA size?

The Oracle DBA can use math to determine the optimal RAM allocation for a MS-Windows server….The total RAM SGA and PGA estimates for Oracle are as follows:

  1. OS RAM : 20 percent of total RAM for MS-Windows, 10% of RAM for UNIX.
  2. Oracle SGA RAM : determined with the show sga command.

How do you measure SGA and PGA?

Check the instance Memory Parameter include SGA, PGA Size

  1. Check Total SGA plus PGA Size. select sum(bytes)/1024/1024 as “Total PGA+SGA Mbytes” from.
  2. Find out the instance memory parameters. col name for a30.
  3. Check parameters at Session and Instance level.
  4. Find out the PGA allocated memory in MB for particulars SIDs.

How do I check my Oracle SGA usage?

Check the Usage of SGA in Oracle

  1. Check the Usage of SGA. select round(used.bytes /1024/1024 ,2) used_mb.
  2. Find the Total Size of SGA. SELECT sum(value)/1024/1024 “TOTAL SGA (MB)” FROM v$sga;
  3. Check size of different pool in SGA.

How do I know my PGA size?

You can check your overall PGA usage with the v$pga_target_advice advisory utility or a STATSPACK or AWR report.

How do I check my PGA?

PGA aggregate target and PGA aggregate limit parameter in oracle

  1. ORA-04030: out of process memory.
  2. Check the PGA stats.
  3. Check the resource utilization in Oracle.
  4. Increase the PGA memory parameter without reboot the database.
  5. Note: its good to take 3 value as set in pga_Aggregate_target.
  6. Total PGA memory used by process.

How do I test my SGA?

Use below sql statements to check the SGA size of a Oracle Database. sql> SELECT name,value/1024/1024 “SGA (MB)” “FROM v$sga; You can check the Total SGA size from below sql statement.

What is the difference between PGA and SGA in Oracle?

The SGA is a group of shared memory structures, known as SGA components, that contain data and control information for one Oracle Database instance. A PGA is a nonshared memory region that contains data and control information exclusively for use by an Oracle process.

How can I increase my SGA size?

Connect to the database sysdba sqlplus sys/[email protected] as sysdba 2. Increase sga_max_size to 6 GB as below SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET sga_max_size=6144m scope=spfile; System altered. 3. Increase pga_aggregate_targe to 3 GB as below SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET pga_aggregate_target= 3072MB SCOPE=spfile; 4.