How does Suitsupply fit?

How does Suitsupply fit?

How does Suitsupply fit?

The fit of Suitsupply can tend to lean a little more towards snug side, but in general, I think the cut of the garments are pretty flattering and modern, but still classic at the same time. Reasonably Priced. Suits will start at $399, though when you get into a bit more of a premium fabric, the prices do go up.

How wide are Suitsupply lapels?

Suitsupply’s lapels are a little over 3.5 inches. As someone who prefers to have symmetry between the width of the lapel, shirt collar and tie, this would be a slight problem, since my existing arsenal is in the 3-inch range.

Does Suitsupply have high armholes?

Suitsupply Napoli Fit 100% Wool 120s – $469.00 Most of us have three requirements when looking for an afforable suit: Minimal shoulder padding, a nice off the rack contour at the sides, and higher armholes. Suitsupply delivers on all three of those requirements, but you’ll pay for it.

Is Suitsupply appointment only?

Walk-ins are always welcome. You can also book a dedicated personal fitting for you and your group. Simply choose a time and location that suits you and we’ll do the rest.

Is Suitsupply a good brand?

Overall, I found that the workmanship level on Suitsupply suits is very high for an off the rack garment. Unlike many traditional brands in this price range, Suitsupply suits don’t feel stiff, and the fabrics are nice brand names, and they also feel good.

Is indochino better than Suitsupply?

Again, quality really comes in just a bit below SuitSupply. The suit feels just a tiny bit less substantial, and the fabric just a tiny bit less rich. So, if SuitSupply will run you about $500 or so, Indochino would be about a $450 suit — but you can get them for below $350.

Are wide lapels in style?

Wide – Most wider lapels fall around the 3.5-inch mark and have seen a recent resurgence in popularity thanks to the return of bolder, Italian-influenced suiting styles. Like a medium width, a wider-sized lapel works well with all lapel types, especially peak and notch.

Is SuitSupply a good brand?

How expensive is Suitsupply?

The Suitsupply custom program starts at $600, but most suits range between $650 and $700. You can get those suits online, but you have a few more options if you go to the store.

How expensive is SuitSupply?