How fast does LiBrow work?

How fast does LiBrow work?

How fast does LiBrow work?

While most people see results within 4-6 weeks, some people do take a little longer because it depends on where your eyebrows are in their natural growth cycle. Eyebrows shed at the end of a growth cycle and if your brows were near the end of their growth cycle, it will take a bit longer to see results.

Can I use LiLash on my eyebrow?

Can I Use LiLash® On My Eyebrows? LiLash® is specifically formulated for eyelashes. LiBrow®, our complimentary serum, works best to enhance your brows. The LiBrow® formula thickens and tints to create defined bold eyebrows.

Can you use Lashfood on eyebrows?

Yes it can! LASHFOOD makes your natural lashes stronger and fuller thus elongating the retention time. With stronger fuller brows clients can also support thicker eyelash extensions thus creating a more dramatic glue.

Is LiLash permanent?

Are My Results Permanent? LiLash® is a beauty treatment. Continued use is necessary to maintain results. If discontinued, your eyelashes will eventually return to their length before use.

Does Nourishbrow really work?

It Works! I was looking for a product that will condition my brows and fill in my bald spots. After 5 weeks or more (can’t say) I started to see the result I was hoping to get. I am totally satisfied with this product.

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