How full is borumba?

How full is borumba?

How full is borumba?

Lake Borumba is located near Imbil, just south of Gympie. The lake has a catchment area of 465.0km2 and holds 45,952 megalitres of water at full supply.

Whats at Lake Borumba?

In addition to being a fantastic spot for barbecues and picnics, activities regularly enjoyed at Lake Borumba include fishing, canoeing, rowing, wakeboarding, sailing, boating, water skiing, tubing and jetskiing.

What percentage is Leslie Dam at?

Storm King Dam

Water Source Maximum Capacity (ML) % Full
Leslie Dam 106,250 57.3%
Connolly Dam 2166 100%
Storm King Dam 2065 100%

How full is Somerset Dam?

The current flood storage capacity

Dam Total Flood Storage Volume Percentage of Flood Storage Volume available
Somerset 705, 000 ML 100.0%
Wivenhoe 2, 080, 000 ML 100.0%

Are Saratoga good eating?

Over the years, this name has been mispronounced, misspelt and transferred from the lungfish to the saratoga. Saratoga are not a good eating fish so take a few snap shots and throw them back in the water. The hard mouth, jumping and fighting qualities of toga can cause a few thrown hooks.

Do Saratoga breed in dams?

Saratoga are great sport fish, but are not such good eating. Saratoga are one of the few fish that will breed in farm dams, although it takes 4 or 5 years for the fingerlings to reach breeding maturity.

How big is borumba dam?

Constructed in 1964, Borumba Dam is one of Queensland’s most established lakes. The dam wall is located about 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) south west of Imbil. The dam wall is 43 metres (141 ft) high and 343 metres (1,125 ft) long and holds back 46,000 megalitres (1,600×106 cu ft) of water when at full capacity.

What is the current level of Leslie Dam?

Storm King Dam

Water Source Maximum Capacity (ML) Current Volume (ML)
Leslie Dam 106,250 60375
Connolly Dam 2166 2166
Storm King Dam 2065 2065

Where are the campgrounds at Lake Borumba?

Lake Borumba campgrounds are located on the banks of Yabba Creek approximately 800m from the magnificent Lake Borumba. The campgrounds are surrounded by Imbil State Forest and Yabba State Forest, which offers an extensive trail network for you to explore.

How big is Borumba deer park for camping?

Uncrowded camping is one of the unique features of Borumba Deer Park. With approx 15 acres of camping grounds available – both non-powered and powered sites –there is plenty of room to spread out. If you have kids, they can play without interfering with neighbouring campers, so you can truly relax.

Is there a day use area at Borumba?

Surrounding by national park and state forest, the Borumba Dam Day Use Area is an extremely popular spot only a few minutes’ drive from Borumba Deer Park. Are you ready to experience Borumba Deer Park?

Is there a fire ban on Lake Borumba?

Fires are permitted, but you must bring your own fire pit, which is to be 300mm off the ground. Subject to any fire bans that may be in place at any given time. Please CLICK HERE to find out if there are any fire bans are currently in place in our area.