How good is Gene Hoglan?

How good is Gene Hoglan?

How good is Gene Hoglan?

Gene Hoglan has remained one of the greatest thrash metal drummers since the genre’s beginnings. Whether manning the kit for Dark Angel, Death or Strapping Young Lad, Hoglan has been called The Atomic Clock for his impeccable tempo and machine-like precision.

Why is Gene Hoglan called the atomic clock?

Though his playing style is very technically demanding, he retains high accuracy at extreme tempos, earning him the nicknames “The Atomic Clock” and “Human Drum Machine”.

How fast is Gene Hoglan?

Hoglan. Mr. Hoglan’s foot-drumming, which involves stomping on pedals that hit bass drums, is, he estimates, equivalent to running 15 miles a show, and his top foot-speed is 240 beats a minute.

Who was the first band to use blast beats?

History. The English band Napalm Death coined the term “blast beat”, though this style of drumming had previously been practiced by others. Daniel Ekeroth argues that the blast beat was first performed by the Swedish group Asocial on their 1982 demo.

How much weight did Gene Hoglan lose?

160 lb.
It’s no small feat for a metal drummer to acquire the nickname The Atomic Clock. Then again, Gene Hoglan is no small drummer. First, he’s huge in stature (albeit rapidly shrinking, as his recent 160 lb. weight loss will attest) – a hulking beast able to split snare heads with a single stroke.

Is Gene Hoglan left handed?

Gene: I’ve always done things with either hand. I suppose I’m right-handed, but I do many things left-handed. Playing left-handed on a right-handed kit is just the way I started playing as a kid. Every drummer I talked to tried to convince me to lead with my right hand and cross over with it to play the hi-hat.

What is the fastest drum roll?

World record holders

  • Single Stroke Roll: Tom Grosset – [20.13 strokes a second] 1208 Strokes in 60 seconds – Hand Speed.
  • Double Stroke Roll: Seth Davis – [20 strokes a second] 1200 Strokes in 60 seconds – Hand Speed.
  • Single Paradiddle: Sam LeCompte – [17.2 strokes a second] 1032 Strokes in 60 seconds – Hand Speed.

Did death ever use blast beats?

Blast beats are plentiful in today’s metal, but where did the style begin? In an interview with Drumtalk (seen below), Charlie Benante says that his band Stormtroopers of Death played and recorded the first ever “blast beat” back in 1985.