How long does a Missouri teaching certificate last?

How long does a Missouri teaching certificate last?

How long does a Missouri teaching certificate last?

four years
Once you receive your initial Missouri teaching certificate, it is valid for four years. To renew it, you must fulfill certain requirements during those four years, including: Complete 30 contact hours of professional development. Complete two years of mentoring, determined by your school district.

How do you get a special education certificate in Missouri?

Potential special education teachers in the state of Missouri should earn a bachelor’s degree to work with students who have special needs. A Bachelor of Science in Special Education fulfills this obligation, and each accredited program will include a student teaching experience as required for eventual certification.

How do I get an extra teaching certificate?

Common Routes to Alternative Teaching Certification

  1. Complete a teacher preparation program approved by the state in which you will be seeking certification.
  2. Apply for a provisional teaching certificate in order to complete supervised teaching.
  3. Pass your state’s exams for prospective educators.

How long is a substitute certificate good for in Missouri?

Substitute certificates expire four years after receiving them.

How much do substitute teachers make in Missouri per day?

Substitutes make about $100 a day.

How to get a teacher’s certification in Missouri?

Certification is based on occupational work experience. Log into with your User ID and password ( Locked out? Get help here) Choose the Educator Certification System link (located on the User Applications page.)

How long does a teacher license in Missouri last?

Completing the initial requirements leads to an Initial Professional Certificate (IPC), which is valid for four years. Missouri uses a tiered licensing system to move teachers to highly qualified status.

How long does it take to renew a certification in Missouri?

The individual works under a one-year, renewable certificate that requires nine semester hours of college credit each year in order to be renewed. When requirements are completed, the individual receives an initial certificate.

How long does it take to get a Missouri initial Certificate?

*The Missouri initial certificate is a four-year license requiring two-years of mentoring, annual evaluation, participate in a beginning teacher assistance program, have a professional development plan, and a total of 30 contact hours of professional development during the four years.