How long does liquid armor last?

How long does liquid armor last?

How long does liquid armor last?

LIQUID ARMOR can last up to 12 months once applied. With everyday use and handling of cellphones we recommend re-applying every 6 months to maintain a proper level of protection.

Is liquid armor any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Works great, easy to apply, goes a long way.

Does liquid screen protector really work?

Talking about the thickness or bulkiness, liquid screen protector is the winner. It goes almost invisible on your phone screen while its thickness is extremely thin. At the same time, it can well prevent scratches from happening to your smartphone over the everyday uses.

How do you apply a liquid screen protector?

Liquid Glass Installation Instructions

  1. Use cleaning wipes #1 and #2 to remove all dirt, germs, and grease.
  2. Use the microfiber cloth to thoroughly dry your device.
  3. Apply 1/2 of vial contents for a watch.
  4. Use dry cloth #2 to spread Liquid Evenly over the entire glass surface.
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes.

Can liquid screen protector be repaired?

Unlike normal screen protectors where you pull off the protector, the one with the liquid sceen protector requires a whole screen fix and this will warrant an expensive display repair.

How long does Liquid Glass screen protector last?

about 2 years
Answer: The liquid seals the tiny pores found on your original screen and creates a new and even smoother surface than the original. The liquid coating is completely invisible and only improves the hardness and vividness of your screen. It will eventually wear off after about 2 years and have to be reapplied.

Does liquid armor void warranty?

Does Liquid Glass void the warranty on my device? No, it does not. Liquid Screen Protector is invisible once applied.

How does Liquid Body Armor work?

Instead, they use Kevlar that has been soaked in one of two fluids. The first is a shear-thickening fluid (STF), which behaves like a solid when it encounters mechanical stress or shear. In other words, it moves like a liquid until an object strikes or agitates it forcefully. Then, it hardens in a few milliseconds.

Can Liquid Glass screen protector be removed?

The liquid protector cannot be removed. Once it is applied it is embedded in your glass. Unlike traditional tempered glass screen protectors, there is nothing to remove.

Will Liquid Glass fix a scratched screen?

Answer: No, Nanofixit will not fix your existing scratches but we have a scratch remover that can remove all surface scratches and make your phone, or other device screens, look brand new again.

Can liquid screen protector crack?

Always protect the original screen One of the major disadvantages of liquid screen protectors is that when it is applied, it cannot be removed. Since it doesn’t offer screen crack resistance, it will shatter. This would mean that your original screen will shatter and you will have to go and repair your screen.