How long does Quebec immigration takes?

How long does Quebec immigration takes?

How long does Quebec immigration takes?

In accordance with the Déclaration de services à la clientèle (Customer service declaration), the Ministère undertakes to render a decision within 50 business days following your first request for an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec.

How long does Québec sponsorship take?

Based on published processing times, it takes approximately 12 months for the IRCC to process spousal sponsorship applications, including a two- or three-month waiting period during which the sponsorship application undergoes review.

How long does it take to process a CSQ?

There is no selection grid for this program, but applicants must meet certain conditions. Applications are processed within 6 months.

Is French mandatory for Quebec Immigration 2021?

Starting July 22, 2021, spouses included in applications submitted under the Quebec Experience Program will have to show knowledge of spoken French. The spouses’ ability to speak French must correspond to a minimum of level 4 on the Quebec Scale of Proficiency in French for Adult Immigrants.

Can you immigrate to Quebec without knowing French?

Quebec Immigration French Requirements Immigration to Quebec without speaking French is possible through the QSW Program provided an applicant is awarded enough points from other categories of the selection grid to attain a passing score.

Can I sponsor my girlfriend to come to Canada?

As previously mentioned, because you cannot sponsor your girlfriend to Canada through a spousal or common-law sponsorship, you must rely on a temporary resident visa for your girlfriend to come to Canada. For instance, you can either apply for a visitor visa, a work permit or a study permit.

Can I stay in Canada while waiting for spousal sponsorship?

Yes, you can apply for a Canadian visitor visa in the meantime. This will allow you to wait for your spousal sponsorship application to be approved while living in Canada with your spouse. If you wish to stay longer than your authorized stay, you can apply for an extension in some cases.

Is it easy to get PR in Quebec?

Currently, highly-qualified QSWP candidates are not able to obtain permanent residence under what is a more competitive process than what PEQ applicants need to go through. However, Quebec is now introducing stricter work experience requirements for the PEQ than what is currently in place nationally.

How long does it take to apply for skilled workers in Quebec?

This processing time includes the time you need to give your biometrics. Find out why processing times information changed and see top questions about processing times in the Help Centre. This is the application process for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada and live in Quebec.

How does Accelerated Processing Process Work in Canada?

We offer normal and accelerated processing of applications. If you choose normal processing, the document will be sent to you by regular mail. If you choose accelerated processing, the document will be mailed to you via Xpresspost (only if the delivery address is in Canada).

How is the Quebec skilled worker program different from other PNPs?

The Quebec skilled worker program is unique among the other PNPs of Canada in the sense that it has its own immigration criteria and does not rely on the federal skilled worker program of the Express Entry system to nominate its candidates. Consequently, its processing time is also different from the FSWP.

What does a CSQ certificate in Quebec mean?

The certificate shows that the Province of Quebec has accepted you as an immigrant. If the Province of Quebec chooses you and gives you a CSQ, you must apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residence.