How long is the silver DofE expedition?

How long is the silver DofE expedition?

How long is the silver DofE expedition?

3 days, 2 nights
Silver: A minimum of 3 days, 2 nights; 7 hours planned activity each day. Gold: A minimum of 4 days, 3 nights; 8 hours planned activity each day. 8. All expeditions must be supervised by an adult (the Expedition Supervisor) who is able to accept responsibility for the safety of the team.

How much is Duke of Edinburgh Silver?

The DofE endeavours to keep your costs down so the current Welcome Pack, which includes the participation fee, is £23.00 for the Bronze Award, £23.00 for Silver and £30.00 for Gold.

How far can you walk in 6 hours?

Here are some figures for different walking paces:

Miles Relaxed Pace Normal Pace
17 miles 5 hrs, 40 mins 4 hrs, 15 mins
18 miles 6 hrs 4 hrs, 30 mins
19 miles 6 hrs, 20 mins 4 hrs, 45 mins
20 miles 6 hrs, 40 mins 5 hrs

Does DofE give UCAS points?

For those of you doing the Duke of Edinburgh Award for the purposes of university admissions, you should know that it doesn’t actually give you UCAS points. It does not serve any purpose on your UCAS form beyond the personal statement, where you are entitled to push it hard.

How does the Duke of Edinburgh silver programme work?

Our 2021 silver programme is a comprehensive package that includes all training, the 2 expeditions required and, unlike other expedition providers, all transport to and from the expedition locations. There are no other hidden costs.

How does a Duke of Edinburgh expedition work?

Your expedition must be completed by your own physical efforts whether you choose on foot, by bicycle, by boat, by canoe or kayak or by wheelchair. Your route should also be a continuous journey.

What are the requirements for the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

DofE Requirements There are 20 basic conditions specified by the Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award – these ensure that expeditions are all run to the same standard and that, most importantly, every participant has gained a worthwhile and challenging award.

What are the requirements for a silver expedition?

Registration for the planning, training for and doing a 3 day (2 night) qualifying Silver expedition. What counts for your Silver Expedition? For your Silver Expedition section, you are required to plan, train for and complete an unaccompanied, self-reliant expedition with an agreed aim.