How many hunger games soundtracks are there?

How many hunger games soundtracks are there?

How many hunger games soundtracks are there?

Soundtracks (13) Courtesy of Erased Tapes Records Ltd.

What songs were used in the Hunger Games?

The complete soundtrack list is below:

  • “ Safe & Sound” (feat.
  • “ Eyes Wide Open” by Taylor Swift.
  • “ Abraham’s Daughter” by Arcade Fire.
  • “ The Ruler & The Killer” by Kid Cudi.
  • “ Run Daddy Run” (feat.
  • “ Kingdom Come” by The Civil Wars.
  • “ One Engine” by The Decemberists.

Did Lorde write the Hunger Games soundtrack?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the soundtrack album to the 2014 dystopian science fiction film of the same name, curated by New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde….Track listing.

No. 14.
Title “Ladder Song” (Lorde)
Writer(s) Conor Oberst
Producer(s) Little
Length 3:16

Does the Hunger Games have a theme song?

“The Hanging Tree” is a song by American composer James Newton Howard featuring vocals from American actress Jennifer Lawrence….The Hanging Tree (The Hunger Games song)

“The Hanging Tree”
Producer(s) James Newton Howard
The Hunger Games soundtracks singles chronology

Who sings the closing song in Catching Fire?

Christina Aguilera, ‘We Remain’ — Catching Fire Christina Aguilera has had her hits and misses in the past five years, but her song for the Catching Fire soundtrack is a definite highlight.

What song does Katniss sing to rue when she died?

Deep in the Meadow
“Deep in the Meadow” (also known as “Rue’s Lullaby”) is a song sung by Katniss to Rue as the latter was nearing death (Marvel had speared her in the stomach).

What song does Katniss sing to rue?

If you stuck around during the credits after your weekend showing of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2,” then you probably heard a familiar lullaby: “Deep in the Meadow.” The lullaby that Katniss sings to her baby girl at the end of “Mockingjay” is also the same song she sang to Prim — and a dying Rue — in “The …