How many kids does Hecuba?

How many kids does Hecuba?

How many kids does Hecuba?

He had 50 sons, according to Homer’s Iliad, and many daughters. Hecuba bore 19 of the sons, including Priam’s favourites, Hector and Paris.

Who was the son of Priam and Hecuba?

Hector, in Greek legend, the eldest son of the Trojan king Priam and his queen Hecuba.

Who were Priam’s sons?

Hekabe) alone, nineteen sons; among them Hector, Paris, Deiphobus, Helenus, Polydorus, Troilus; by his first, Arisbe, Aesacus. Among his daughters were Creusa, the wife of Aeneas, Cassandra, and Polyxena.

Who was Priam’s oldest son?

The Wives and Lovers of King Priam It was said that King Priam was married twice, first to Arisbe, the daughter of the seer Merops, and secondly to Hecabe (Hecuba) the daughter of King Dymas. Arisbe though was said to have born Priam only one son (Aesacus) and Hecabe only 14 (or 19) children.

Did any of Priam’s sons survive?

Almost all of Priam’s children were slain by the Greeks in the course of the war, or shortly after. The three main sources for the names of the children of Priam are: Homer’s Iliad, where a number of his sons are briefly mentioned among the defenders of Troy; and two lists in the Bibliotheca and Hyginus’ Fabulae.

Who was the youngest son of Priam and Hecuba?

Polydorus, the youngest son of Priam and Hecuba, is sent to King Polymestor for safekeeping, but when Troy falls, Polymestor murders Polydorus. Hecuba learns of this, and when Polymestor comes to the fallen city, Hecuba, by trickery, blinds him and kills his two sons.

How many sons and daughters did Priam have?

Priam, the mythical king of Troy during the Trojan War, supposedly had 18 daughters and 68 sons. Priam had several wives, the primary one Hecuba, daughter of Dymas or Cisseus, and several concubines, who bore his children. There is no exhaustive list, but many of them are mentioned in various Greek myths.

What was the name of Hecuba’s son after Troy?

Stesichorus states that after the sack of Troy, Apollo, Hecuba’s former lover, took her to safety and placed her in Lycia. The Bibliotheca ( Library) of Pseudo-Apollodorus states that Hecuba had a son named Troilus with the god Apollo. An oracle prophesied that Troy would not be defeated if Troilus reached the age of 20 alive.

Who was the wife of King Priam of Troy?

Hecuba (also Hekábe, Hecabe, Hécube; Ancient Greek: Template:Polytonic) was a queen in Greek mythology, the wife of King Priam of Troy, with whom she had 50 children. The most famous son was Hector of Troy. Her most famous daughter was Cassandra, priestess of Apollo.