How many trophies Bayern Munich won?

How many trophies Bayern Munich won?

How many trophies Bayern Munich won?

Undisputedly the giants of German football, Bayern Munich have 27 Bundesliga titles, 18 DFB Cups and five UEFA Champions League crowns in their enviably bulging trophy cabinet.

What trophies have Bayern Munich won this season?


  • 31x. German Championship. Season 2020/2021. Season 2019/2020. Season 2018/2019.
  • 20x. DFB German Cup. DFB German Cup Winner 2020. DFB German Cup Winner 2019. DFB German Cup Winner 2016.
  • 10x. German Supercup. Supercup Winner 2021. Supercup Winner 2020.
  • 6x. League Cup. League Cup Winner 2007. League Cup Winner 2004.

How many trophies did Bayern win in 2020?

Last Thursday, Bayern Munich won the FIFA Club World Cup and in doing so became the first side since Barcelona in 2008-09 to complete a clean sweep of six available trophies: one season’s domestic league, domestic cup, domestic Super Cup and Champions League titles and then the following season’s European Super Cup and …

Is Bayern owned by fans?

In November 2019, Bayern had 293,000 official members and 4,499 officially registered fan clubs with over 350,000 members….FC Bayern Munich.

Full name Fußball-Club Bayern München e. V.
President Herbert Hainer
CEO Oliver Kahn
Head coach Julian Nagelsmann
League Bundesliga

Do fans own Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund both operate different business models – BVB are listed on the German SDAX stock exchange, while Adidas, Allianz and Audi each hold 8.33% stakes in Bayern Munich – but the majority of voting rights (100% in Dortmund, 75% in Munich) remain in the hands of the parent clubs and their …

Why is it called Bayern?

Why does the German football team have a name which is a mixture of two languages? Bayern is German for our word Bavaria. Munich is English for the German Muenchen.

What is the 50/1 rule in Bundesliga?

Introduced in 1999 and enshrined in the statutes of the German Football League (DFL), the 50+1 rule stipulates that, should a football club outsource its professional football operation into a separate limited company, as most German clubs have done, the parent club must retain 50% of the voting shares in that company.

Who actually owns Bayern Munich?

Herbert Hainer
FC Bayern Munich/Owners

How many times has Bayern Munich won the Super Cup?

8x German Super Cup Winner Season Title 20/21 UEFA Supercup Winner 20/21 German Super Cup Winner 20/21 FIFA Club World Cup winner 20/21 German Champion

Who is the coach of Bayern Munich football club?

His successors as coach, Giovanni Trapattoni and Otto Rehhagel, both finished trophyless after a season, not meeting the club’s high expectations. During this time, Bayern’s players frequently appeared in the gossip pages of the press rather than the sports pages, resulting in the nickname FC Hollywood.

Where does Bayern Munich rank in the world?

Bayern Munich are one of five clubs to have won all three of UEFA’s main club competitions, the only German club to achieve that. As of May 2021, Bayern Munich are ranked first in UEFA club rankings. The club has traditional local rivalries with 1860 Munich and 1. FC Nürnberg, as well as with Borussia Dortmund since the mid-1990s.

When was the last time Bayern Munich won a title?

In comparison, the early 90s were a time of turmoil at the club. After winning another title in 1990 and placing runners-up in the following season, Bayern ended the 1991/1992 season dangling dangerously close to the relegation zone.