How much does a 2012 Yamaha Stratoliner weight?

How much does a 2012 Yamaha Stratoliner weight?

How much does a 2012 Yamaha Stratoliner weight?

814 lbs.
2012 Yamaha Stratoliner Specs Curb Weight: 814 lbs., 811 lbs.

What years did Yamaha make the Stratoliner Deluxe?

Stratoliner Deluxe. The 2013 Yamaha Stratoliner Deluxe is one of the niftiest big-bore baggers the Japanese manufacturer has to offer for the year-model, loaded with a heap of features and ready to hit the wide open road.

What is the difference between a Yamaha Roadliner and Stratoliner?

So the Stratoliner is basically just a Roadliner with a windshield, saddlebags, and a passenger backrest. Except for the slightly stiffer spring (more preload) in the single-damper rear suspension, it is technically the same. The Stratoliner comes in the same three cosmetic variations as the Roadliner.

How much horsepower does a Yamaha Stratoliner have?

All new high-performance, air-cooled, long-stroke, OHV, 4 valves per cylinder, 48°, V-twin powerplant produces massive torque and class leading acceleration….Yamaha XV 1900 Stratoliner.

Make Model Yamaha XV 1900 Stratoliner
Max Power 98.6 hp / 72.0 kW) @ 4250 rpm
Max Torque 166.7 Nm / / 17 kg-m / 123 ft-lb @ 2250 rpm

What’s the biggest Yamaha V Star?

Yamaha XV1900A
The Yamaha XV1900A is a motorcycle manufactured by the Yamaha Motor Company and sold in the United States through Yamaha’s Star Motorcycles division. It is the largest Yamaha motorcycle in production.

What is the biggest Yamaha motorcycle engine?

The XV1900 is the largest Yamaha motorcycle in production even today. A massive 1.9-liter mill sits at the core of this Yamaha cruiser. It’s a four-stroke air-cooled V-Twin engine tied to a five-speed gearbox. It is capable of coughing up 82 horsepower and 104 ft-lb of torque.

What is the biggest Yamaha cruiser?

What is a Yamaha Stratoliner?

What is a Yamaha STRATOLINER? Yamaha Stratoliner Motorcycle: When you’re ready to travel in big-time style, the Stratoliner is ready to roll at a moment’s notice – with a lockable quick-release windshield, passenger backrest, and a lockable sidebags covered in leather. Even the key is a work of art.

Is the Yamaha Stratoliner fuel injected?

Getting fuel into the cylinders, the Stratoliner uses dual 43mm throttle bodies, which now feature 12-hole injectors for a more precise and wider fuel spray. Ensuring perfect fueling at any throttle position, the Stratoliner enjoys a seamless power delivery from any throttle position, at anyplace in the rev range.

How many cc’s is a Yamaha Stratoliner?

Yamaha XV1900A

Manufacturer Yamaha Motor Company
Also called Star Roadliner (US) Star Stratoliner (US touring version) Yamaha Midnight Star (UK)
Production from 2006 to 2017
Class Cruiser
Engine 1,854 cc (113.1 cu in)48 degree 4-stroke air-cooled V-twin

What is the difference between Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic and custom?

Features. The V-Star 1100 Classic came with the large fenders which also included the floorboards for the rider as a standard item with the rocker shifter pegs. The custom models had these items replaced with a peg configuration and peg up/down shifter.