How much does a 85 hp Yamaha weight?

How much does a 85 hp Yamaha weight?

How much does a 85 hp Yamaha weight?


Engine Type In-line 3
Max. Prop Shaft Output [kW (ps)] @r/min 62.5 (85) @5000
Fuel Induction System Carburetor
Engine Transom Height[mm (inch)] L: 521 (20.5), Y: 572 (22.5), X: 647 (25.5) (*depending on model)
Dry Weight [kg] * 113-124

How long will a Yamaha 4 stroke outboard last?

A typical two-stroke or four-stroke outboard engine should provide 1,500 hours of run time. Based on the average use of 200 hours per year, this will last 7-8 years. However, changing your oil every 50 hours of operation and regularly flushing the engine can see your outboard engine last 10 to 20 years.

Is Yamaha outboard good?

Whether new Yamaha boats or pre-owned, they are the best due to its design features and its engine systems. With unmatched performance, legendary reliability, incredible power, industry-leading innovation and unique customer satisfaction Yamaha outboards are outstanding.

How much fuel does a 200 hp outboard use?

Select Yamaha Outboard Test Model Stroke Fuel consumption WOT
Yamaha 175 A HP 4 stroke 16.3 GPH
Yamaha 200 HP VMAX V6 4 stroke 19.2 GPH
Yamaha 225 HP V6 4 stroke 17.7 GPH
Yamaha 250 HP V6 4 stroke 23.8 GPH

Should I buy this Yamaha 85hp two stroke?

Should I buy this yamaha 85hp two stroke? Discussion in ‘ Outboards ‘ started by nakupanda, Dec 15, 2013 . I’ve been looking for a 60-85 hp used outboard this while, and last week I found one which price is quite cheap (motor + steering + control box = $1500) but I’m not sure if it’s still in good condition (I’m a dabster ).

When did the Yamaha 85A outboard come out?

The 85A is the oldest model in the Yamaha outboard lineup to continue to sell in its original form without being replaced by a new-generation model. When it was first released in 1978, it had the largest horsepower in the Yamaha lineup and was soon selling throughout the world.

What kind of engine does a Yamaha outboard have?

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What’s the best review of a Yamaha outboard?

Pat of Manassas, VAVerified Reviewer Original review: July 4, 2020 I bought this motor new. I used fuel stabilizer in the fuel throughout my ownership of the motor and took good care of the engine. After a couple years of owning the motor (running about 30 hours per year) it had issues all the time.