How much does a luxurious house cost in Mumbai?

How much does a luxurious house cost in Mumbai?

How much does a luxurious house cost in Mumbai?

Luxury housing. This is so because the prices across the length and breadth of the country vary. Sample this: Price points for luxury housing projects in prime locations of Mumbai range between Rs 25,000 and Rs 1.10 lakh per sq. ft.

Does Mumbai have bungalows?

Mumbai: The luxury property market may be waning in India’s financial capital, but there’s no dearth of takers for old, iconic bungalows in south Mumbai, typically priced between ₹ 200 and ₹ 400 crore.

Which is the best bungalow in Mumbai?

Grand Opulence: The 11 Famous Residences Of Mumbai

  • Antilla — Mukesh Ambani’s Residence.
  • Mehrangir — Homi Bhabha’s Bungalow.
  • Mannat — Shakrukh Khan’s Bungalow.
  • Galaxy Apartments — Salman Khan’s Residence.
  • Pratiksha — Amitabh Bachchan’s Residence.
  • Jalsa — Bachchan’s Residence.
  • Krishna Raj – Kapoor Family Residence.

What is a Villa in India?

Indian bungalows are different from villas and are mostly the properties coming to an heir from his ancestors. While villas are built in pre-demarcated plots; bungalows are completely detached houses that are built on an independent land. Duplex houses are anytime cheaper that bungalows and luxury villas.

Who owns biggest house in Mumbai?

Antilia (building)

Antilia, Mumbai
Completed 2010
Opening 2010
Cost US $2.6 billion
Owner Mukesh Ambani

Who owns most expensive house Mumbai?

Mukesh Amabani
It is owned by India’s richest person Mukesh Amabani. The 27 stories house has spendthrift amenities like an 80-seat movies theatre, salon, ice cream parlour, swimming pool, gym etc. The value of Antilia is between Rs 6,000 crore to Rs 12,000 crore, according to Forbes.

How much it cost to build a bungalow in Mumbai?

The cost of construction in Mumbai is ₹ 3,125 per sq ft.

How much it cost to build a bungalow in India?

The construction cost can be taken approximately as Rs 500 per sq. ft of plinth area of your home. Assuming that you are planning to buy a ground of land at Rs 6 lakhs and build a house of 1200 sq ft, the total cost of the building is about Rs 12 lakhs.

Who owns the most expensive house in Mumbai?

Designed by Chicago-based architects Perkins and Will, the Antilia is the most expensive house in India and secured 2nd position in the world. It is owned by India’s richest person Mukesh Amabani.

Which is better bungalow or flat?

A Bungalow has Higher Scope of Customisation A flat has a very limited scope of customization whereas a bungalow can be built according to your personal taste and requirement. For example, you can have a custom-built library or a sound-proof workstation which is quite difficult to build in a flat.

Which is better villa or flat?

Villas gives you the feel of an independent house while still providing the benefits of housing societies. Better long term investment: As long term investments (seven years or more) villas often yield better returns when compared to apartments. Villa prices appreciate at a much higher rate than apartments.