How much does a saddle fitting cost?

How much does a saddle fitting cost?

How much does a saddle fitting cost?

However, an independent saddle fitter in my experience costs around $100 or more depending where you live. Your best bet will be to call around and inquire about prices. You can certainly do that without setting an appointment.

How should a western saddle fit?

Your saddle fits just right if it sits level on your horse’s back and the bars of the tree do not pinch. The front of your saddle should be positioned behind your horse’s shoulder blade, allowing him freedom of movement. Your saddle is too narrow if the front of the saddle sits high.

When should a saddle be Reflocked?

If the saddle is wool flocked, it should be stripped and reflocked every 2 years. The wool within the saddle will ball up quickly, and if left, it will cause hard lumps which can cause rider imbalance and discomfort for the horse.

How much does a saddle fitter cost UK?

Saddle Fitting Call out Charges Over 30 miles of Four Marks contact us to discuss, but a minimum of 2 horses. More than one horse at the same location: Up to 15 miles of Four Marks £45.00 plus VAT per horse. Over 15 miles of Four Marks £48 plus VAT per horse.

How much does it cost to get a saddle fitted UK?

This cost is £150 if you live in the UK, £200 for Europe and £300 for the rest of the world. It is the attention to detail that makes the difference when fitting a saddle. Not only must it be the right width, it must be the right shape for the horse.

How do you tell if your western saddle fits you?

Two fingers should fit between the swells of the saddle and your leg. If you can fit your whole hand, the saddle is too big and you could flop around instead of being secure. If you can’t even squeeze a finger, the saddle is too tight, and will be very uncomfortable.

What does it mean if a saddle is flocked?

Spot Flocking – adding or reducing wool to a fully intact saddle. 2. Panel-off Flocking – removing the panels from the bottom of the saddle to add, reduce, rework or redistribute the wool.

How do I know what size saddle to buy?

There should be about four inches between your body and the swell of the saddle. Anything less than that may mean a too-small saddle, and a bigger gap means the saddle may be on the large size. Larger may be more comfortable for you. Western riders with longer legs should choose a larger-size saddle.