How much does a Trek Madone weight?

How much does a Trek Madone weight?

How much does a Trek Madone weight?

Weights. The Madone SLR disc frame weighs 1,112 grams; the rim-brake frame weighs 1,131 grams (weights are for a 56cm frame with seat post, but no paint). Note that the rim-brake frame weighs more than the disc brake frame. Fork weights are 421 grams for disc, and 378 grams for rim.

How much does a trek weigh?


Weight M – 9.55 kg / 21.06 lbs
Weight limit This bike has a maximum total weight limit (combined weight of bicycle, rider, and cargo) of 300 pounds (136 kg).

How much does a Trek road bike weigh?

The 56cm Émonda SLR 9 frame weighs 640 grams (1.41 pounds). Trek said the bike, with the build above but in size 56cm, weighs 13.4 pounds.

Which is better Madone or Domane?

The Domane is actually lighter than the Madone (not by much though) when comparing the same “series” of bike. If aerodynamics are important to you, the Madone is clearly the superior choice. If aerodynamics aren’t the primary goal, then I would probably take a closer look of the Domane, or perhaps an Émonda.

What does a Trek 7200 weight?

weight on the Trek 7200 2007 model. Thanks a mill. Does it really matter? Probably 20ish pounds.

How much does a Trek 7.5 weigh?

Product Specifications

Bottom Bracket ES-25 Octalink
Seat Tube (cm) 53
Chainstays (cm) 44.5
Bottom Bracket Height (cm) 9
Weight (kg) 11.46

What is Trek Madone?

Madone is the ultimate superbike—it’s fast, light, smooth, and designed to give you every advantage in speed and handling. Of the world’s most sophisticated road bikes, only Madone delivers the triple threat of advanced aerodynamics, superior ride quality, and unprecedented integration.

Should I buy Trek Madone?

It is clearly one of the fastest bikes on the market, even a year since its launch. I really enjoyed my time with the Trek Madone and would happily have it back for more riding. Fast, capable, great handling and surprisingly comfortable for such an aggressive bike and that is why it is in for Editor’s Choice again.

How much weight has Trek Madone 5.9 lost?

Compared to last year’s beefy, oversized tubeset, the new 5 series Madone has a classy, minimalist look, and Trek claim this diet has reduced frame weight by more than 150g.

What kind of wheels are on a Trek Madone?

Wheels were Bontrager RXL. now i ride on Dura Ace C 50 clincher, they are doing just fine, fast, stiff, and looks like a dream on the bike . It is a H2 bike, very comfortably at long rides, longest is 165km, most of the time it get used at rides lasting from 2-4 hrs. stiff, GREAT handling, yet comfortable. Trek 5.9 2011.

Is the trek 5.9 a good bike to buy?

The new frame has fully internal routed cabling which gives the bike a much neater look, but will make maintenance something best left to your local bike shop. Overall, the Trek 5.9 seems less of a sportive machine and more an out-and-out race weapon, more about efficiency and less about being a nice place to be.