How much does custom farming cost?

How much does custom farming cost?

How much does custom farming cost?

Grain Harvesting

Operation Most Common 2016
Combining – straight cut or pickup header (**may be additional cost for fuel) $25/ac* $280/hr
$30/ac* $125-245/hr

How much do custom harvesters charge per acre?

Harvesting Grain : Corn Combine ——————- $35.95 per acre ($41.35 with Chopper Head) – ($54.10 per acre with Grain Cart & Truck) Soybean Combine ————– $35.10 per acre ($38.50 with Draper Head) – ($51.55 per acre with Grain Cart & Truck) Small Grain Combine ———- $31.90 per acre. Corn Grain Cart (in Field) —– $6.55 per …

How much does it cost to custom bale hay?

Swathing, $20-$22 per acre; Raking, $8-$10 per acre; Baling: small bales, 60-75 cents per bale; midsize (3×3), $10-$12 per bale; midsize (3×4), $14-$18 per bale; large square (4×4), $22-$25 per bale; round bales, $12-$15 per bale.

What does hay bales cost?

The Price of Hay Bales By Weight

Hay Quality Bale Type Minimum Price Per Ton
Grade 1 Small Square $160
Large Square $85
Large Round $65
Grade 2 Large Square $85

Is custom farming profitable?

In a good year, of course, profits from custom farming will be smaller than under a conventional lease, but this is a common trade-off for reducing risk. Landowners find advantages to custom farming as well.

How much money can you make custom harvesting?

The salaries of Custom Harvesters in the US range from $18,710 to $42,720 , with a median salary of $27,840 . The middle 60% of Custom Harvesters makes between $27,840 and $29,490, with the top 80% making $42,720.

How much does it cost to spray an acre of land?

Sprayers and other equipment are also part of the cost. Many professionals provide an estimate based on the lawn size. Weed control cost per acre ranges from $75 to $200….Cost per Acre to Spray Weeds.

Lawn Size Chemical Herbicide Cost (Labor Included) Organic Herbicide Cost (Labor Included)
¼ Acre $80 – $110 $150 – $170

How much is an acre of hay worth?

Equation: Estimated 4 tons per acre yield of 16% moisture hay at $200 per ton = $800 per acre value for all three cuttings; minus buyer’s cost of harvest and weather risk at $324 per acre assuming three cuttings (Table 1); equals the buyer’s maximum pay price: $476 per acre for three cuttings ($800 – $324 = $476).

How much should I charge to make hay?

When full cost of production is accounted for, hay generally costs between $70 and $140/ton to produce. On smaller operations that own a full line of equipment, the cost can easily exceed $200/ton.

How do I start a custom farm?

Custom farming primer

  1. FACTOR IN TIME. First you need to determine whether you have the time to take on additional acres.
  2. IDENTIFY YOUR MARKET. Next you need to determine if there is a market for your services.

What is considered custom farming?

(a) Custom farming is the performance of services on a farm such as land preparation, seeding, cultivating, applying pesticides, and harvesting for hire with remuneration on a unit of work basis, except that, for the purpose of applying the provisions of this section, the harvesting of crops and the application of …

Where can I find Farm Service rates in Missouri?

Rates are available in the PDF file, available via the “Download this publication” button. The rates reported in this guide summarize a statewide survey conducted online and by solicitations of University of Missouri Extension specialists in the winter of 2019–2020.

Can You charge custom rates for farm services?

There is no assurance that the average rates reported in this guide will cover your costs for performing the service or that you will be able to hire a custom operator in your area for the rates shown. Calculate your own costs carefully before deciding the rate to charge or pay.

Are there fewer farmers using custom operators in Missouri?

There may be fewer farmers using custom operators or fewer businesses conducting custom activities. But it is still a very popular Extension guide. The number of responses to many questions asked was too low to have statistical confidence in the results.

Why are custom rates so high in Missouri?

Possible explanations of the wide ranges are the type or size of equipment used, the mix of labor and equipment used, or different income needs of full-time custom operators compared to local farmers supplementing their income. Select the “Download this publication” button to see the rate tables.