How much does skydiving cost in Ohio?

How much does skydiving cost in Ohio?

How much does skydiving cost in Ohio?

A Tandem Skydive Costs $169 during the week and $189 on the weekend. To learn how to skydive costs $299 in the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) class. Lift Tickets for experienced skydivers range from $14 to $25.

What’s the highest you can jump with a parachute?

Skydiving above 15,000 feet is not uncommon in the professional skydiving world. Highly experienced skydivers performing large formation skydives may exit the plane from an altitude of 19,000 feet. Mount Everest has the highest skydiving height where skydive jumps take place in the stunning Himalayas from 23,000 feet.

How much does it cost to go parachute jumping?

At Skydive California, you can go on a tandem skydive from 10,000 ft for $155, or a tandem skydive from 13,000 ft for $185. Video Stills at Skydive California cost $120. (Prices could change from the time you are reading this article), so take these numbers as an average.

How long are you in the air during a HALO jump?

around 85 seconds
On a HALO jump, you’ll get around 85 seconds in freefall – that’s nearly a minute and a half of pure awesomeness!

What is Ronaldo’s highest jump?

Cristiano Ronaldo leapt as high as 2.93 metres to score against his former club. He has done it at Juventus, Real Madrid and Manchester United. It was during his time with the Red Devils that fans and pundits noticed there was something very special about his leap.

How much does it cost to jump off a plane?

The Average Cost of a Skydive In the USA, the average price of a skydive hovers around $250. That buys you a tandem jump out of an aircraft, attached to a highly experienced, rated and certified instructor via skydiving equipment that keeps you and your new best friend together for the entire experience.

How long does it take to fall 30000 feet?

When you’re in free fall from 9,144 meters (30,000 feet) in the air, a soft landing is probably the last thing on your mind. It all happens so fast. From the moment you’re outside of the plane, it’s only about 170 seconds until you hit the ground. During that time you will be extremely cold, and deprived of oxygen.

Where to go skydiving in Greene County Ohio?

We offer our Static Line course seven days a week. To book your Static Line Course, call us at (937) 372-0700 or come on down to our dropzone located at 177 S. Monroe Siding Rd in Xenia, Ohio ( click here for directions ).

What’s the weight limit for skydiving in Ohio?

After your canopy opens, you fly your own parachute and bring yourself in for the landing. Weight limit is 240 lbs. We Are Open! AerOhio is centrally located between Cleveland, Columbus, and Akron in beautiful Ashland, Ohio. Discover the thrill of soaring thousands of feet above the Ohio countryside.

Can You skydive with a friend at aerohio?

Grab a friend or come alone – AerOhio is ready to show you an amazing time and welcome you to our family! You Can Choose – Tandem or Solo? If you’re new to skydiving, you have two options for that first-time flight— a Tandem or a Solo Accelerated Freefall skydive, often referred to as AFF!