How much is a C4 transmission?

How much is a C4 transmission?

How much is a C4 transmission?

They range from $800 to $1,300. The bulk of them are in the $850 to $950 range.

What did C4 transmission come in?

Specifically, the vehicles that came with a C4 transmission were the Ford Bronco between 1973 to 1977, and the Ford F-series between 1965 to 1981. Here’s what it looks like: Ford Bronco (1973–1977) Ford Cortina (1974–1982 )

Is it hard to rebuild a C4 transmission?

Ford’s C4 Cruise-O-Matic transmission is the most reliable automatic Ford has ever produced. It is simple by design. In fact, it is so simple you can tear it down and rebuild it in your home garage using the Ford Shop Manual because no special tools are required.

Is a C4 transmission good?

The most reliable automatic transmission Ford has ever produced has been the C4 Cruise-O-Matic. The C4 is a simple three-speed automatic transmission you can rebuild in your home garage with common hand tools. Placing the shifter on the small dot kept the transmission in second gear, for slow, slippery road driving.

How do I know what year my C4 transmission is?

The easiest way is to check the transmission identification tag, which is located under one of the servo bolts on the passenger-side servo. On some transmissions the tag may be located under one of the driver-side servo bolts. There should be a series of numbers and letters which tell what year it is.

How much power can a C4 handle?

A “properly built” C-4 will handle anything a “street car” can throw at it. I have a friend that is running a C-4 in his 90LX with a 347 stroker and 225 shot of go juice with NO problems what so ever, and he’s putting over 550HP to the wheels.

What is the length of a C4 transmission?

Transmission. The kit is designed for exclusive use with the Ford C4 automatic transmission. The Ford C4 is a 3 speed transmission was used between 1963-’82. The transmission bellhousing is removable, the overall length measures 17.00″.

What is the fluid capacity for a C4 transmission?

According to Ford, the C4 has two “dry” capacities. the low capacity is 16 quarts and the high capacity is 18. Unless you buy a new converter and completely go through your C4 you will never have a “dry” transmission.

What is a C4 automatic transmission?

The Ford C4 is a three-speed, medium-duty automatic transmission introduced on 1964 model year vehicles and produced through 1981. The C4 was designed to be a lighter and more simple replacement for the original Ford-O-Matic two speed transmission being used in smaller, less powerful cars.

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