How much is Jollibee super meal?

How much is Jollibee super meal?

How much is Jollibee super meal?

The Jollibee Super Meal is here! Pair the Philippines’ best-tasting Chickenjoy with our linamnam-ulam Burger Steak and sweet-sarap Half Jolly Spaghetti for just 150 pesos with drink!

What is Jollibee menu?

The Entire Jollibee Menu, Ranked

  1. ChickenJoy. ChickenJoy is basically the Filipino counterpart to KFC’s fried chicken buckets (but infinitely better).
  2. Chicken Dippers.
  3. Peach Mango Pie.
  4. Chicken Sandwich.
  5. Breakfast ChickenJoy.
  6. Halo-Halo.
  7. Corned Beef.
  8. Fiesta Noodles.

How can I order Jollibee in the Philippines?

Jollibee makes ordering one’s favorite food faster and more convenient with the relaunch of the Jollibee Delivery Website! Starting now, customers from all over the country can simply use their smartphones, laptops or tablets to order Jollibee meals online by visiting

What is Jollibee good for?

Then there’s Jollibee’s most famous offering — Chickenjoy. The hand-breaded fried chicken is praised for being crispy and juicy; it’s made with a secret marinade and served with a side of gravy that’s been called “ethereal.” It is often ordered as a combo with Jolly Spaghetti.

Can I order Jollibee for my family in the Philippines?

Wherever you are in the world, you can now order the best Langhap Sarap Padala Packages for your loved ones in the Philippines. Choose from eight ( different Jollibee Padala Packages, perfect for a barkada get-together or a family party.

What is the minimum order for Jollibee delivery?

The minimum food purchase for a delivery transaction is P200. 00. There is a forty-five (45) minute delivery guarantee for single receipt transactions amounting to P1,100.00 and below. However, this delivery guarantee does not apply if there are more than 20 orders per transaction of the same product combinations.

How much is a Jollibee in the Philippines?

Jollibee Menu Philippines Desserts includes Peach Mango Pie, Sundae-Chocolate, Mango, Vanilla Twirl. The Prices of Jollibee ranges from $1.00 to $4.99. We have provided genuine information regarding the Jollibee Menu and Prices.

How much does a Jollibee super meal cost?

Jollibee’s menu. If you can’t choose between your jolly favorites, you might want to indulge in the Jollibee Super Meals. It combines three favorites in one meal. One combination includes the famous chickenjoy, burger steak, a half jolly spaghetti, rice, and a regular drink. The Jollibee super meal price varies from ₱109.00 to ₱150.00.

How much does a jolly hotdog cost at Jollibee?

Here is the Jollibee menu with updated prices: Menu Item Price Jolly Hotdog Cheesy Classic w/ Fries & F ₱125.00 1 pc Burger Steak w/ Drink [B1] ₱65.00 2 pc Burger Steak w/ Drink [B2] ₱90.00

How much does a PC Chickenjoy cost at Jollibee?

Here is the Jollibee menu with updated prices: Menu Item Price 1 pc Chickenjoy w/ Jolly Spaghetti & Dri ₱125.00 1 pc Chickenjoy w/ Palabok & Drink [C4] ₱175.00 2 pcs Chickenjoy w/ Rice & Drink [C5] ₱170.00 1 pc Chickenjoy w/ Rice, Fries & Drink [ ₱105.00