How much is Matson Money worth?

How much is Matson Money worth?

How much is Matson Money worth?

Matson Money, registered in 1991, serves 52 state(s) with a licensed staff of 6 advisors. Matson Money manages $16.4 billion and provides investment advisory services for 30,376 clients (1:5063 advisor/client ratio)….Firm Information.

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Is Matson money legit?

Matson Money denies wrongdoing, and says that Burns is an independent advisor who is not affiliated with the firm. The firm touts itself as an ‘early adopter’ of passive investment management approaches while its founder has long criticized investors (and advisors) for ‘gambling and speculation’ in the markets.

Is Matson Money a mutual Fund?

Matson Money also manages its own mutual funds, which it calls the Free Market Funds. These are the Free Market U.S. Equity Fund, the Free Market International Equity Fund and the Free Market Fixed Income Fund.

Who is Mark Matson?

Mark Matson is the founder and CEO of Matson Money, Inc., a Cincinnati and Scottsdale based investment advisor firm.

Who is Matson money and what does it do?

Based in Mason, Ohio, Matson Money provides asset allocation advisory services primarily to non-high-net-worth individuals. With billions in assets under management ( AUM ), it generally allocates client’s money across model portfolios built with its proprietary mutual funds and securities managed by other firms.

Do you have to pay Matson money advisory fee?

Also, clients do not pay Matson Money any separate advisory fee above the fees embedded in the Funds to participate in the Matson Fund Platform or the Frontier Adjusted Portfolio Platform. However, clients do pay separate fees to co-advisors who refer them to Matson Money’s funds.

How does frontier adjusted portfolio work with Matson money?

Should Matson Money recommend that your asset allocation involve a separate insurance account, the firm would determine the appropriate percentage. The Frontier Adjusted Portfolio Program generally invests in Free Market Funds, and advisors adjust your asset allocation annually to reflect your risk profile at the time.

Are there any fees associated with the Matson portfolio?

Clients of the Matson Fund Platform and the Frontier Adjusted Portfolio Programs bear all fees and expenses associated with the portfolio program they’re enrolled in and the funds that these programs invest in. The latter include embedded advisory and other fees and expenses that may be paid to Matson or other fund managers.