How old is the Southern accent?

How old is the Southern accent?

How old is the Southern accent?

Origin of the Southern Drawl The original distinction goes all the way back to the mid-1700s when wealthy British traders started dropping the “r” sound from their speech as a distinction (a difference between similar things or people) of their class.

How do I lose my southern accent?

Pronounce your vowels and consonants more clearly and quickly.

  1. “Clip” or shorten your vowels.
  2. You can try to speak with your mouth in more of a circular shape to achieve the effect of rounding out your vowels instead of flattening them.
  3. Place the accent on the second syllable of words such as cement and umbrella.

What is the Alabama accent called?

Southern Drawl
Have you ever heard someone from the American South? They probably grew up in a state like Alabama, Mississippi, or Georgia and say words like “y’all” (you all) and “didja” or “didju” (did you).

Which is the best type of Southern accent?

My Favorite Southern Accent. Of the four broad accent groups presented by Stern, the one I love the most is the “Panhandle-Texas” accent. The panhandle is the flat part of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Some people call it southern Alabama because culturally it is closer to Birmingham than to Miami.

What do Southerners say when they say Y’all?

Southerners have a drawl, they say “y’all” and maybe even “howdy.” Surely not everyone in the South talks this way, but most of us are aware of the fact that Southerners don’t speak the same way as Northerners. But what is the Southern accent?

Why do people lose their accents in the south?

There’s a sharp linguistic difference between cities and rural areas in the South. Cities are a major hotspot of linguistic innovation, but they can also lead to accent loss. Because Southern American English is stigmatized by cosmopolitan people, people who live in cities and travel the country will often try to “lose” their accent.

What kind of accent is the Redneck Riviera?

Others call it “the redneck riviera” because it sits on hundreds of miles of white sand beaches, of which the most famous is Panama City. Stern’s “Panhandle-Texas” accent is what Wikipedia’s helpful classification of regional Southern dialects calls “Gulf Southern”, in reference to the Gulf of Mexico.