How tall does a Skyrocket juniper grow?

How tall does a Skyrocket juniper grow?

How tall does a Skyrocket juniper grow?

about 30 feet tall
Middle-aged ‘Skyrocket’ Eastern Redcedar. This cultivar of Redcedar is an evergreen probably growing to about 30 feet tall in a columnar form and spreading only to six or eight feet when given a sunny location (Fig. 1).

Are Skyrocket junipers prickly?

Juniperus scopulorum ‘Skyrocket’ is a narrowly conical, female selection of Rocky Mountain or western juniper. In the east it often (inappropriately) called the red cedar. Juniperus scopulorum ‘Skyrocket’ foliage. It’s needles are scale-like, closely pressed to the stem and smooth — not prickly — like some junipers.

Will Skyrocket junipers grow in shade?

The Skyrocket juniper prefers planting sites with sunny exposures or at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. While it tolerates partial shade or four to six hours of sun per day, it may be more susceptible to pests and diseases when planted in shady locations.

Is juniper skyrocket fast growing?

In terms of foliage, Juniperus Scopulorum Skyrocket is more of a grey or silvery-blue colour. It can grow to 5-6 metres high with a spread of 0.5-1.0 metres when mature, but it takes its time getting there, a relatively slow grower taking from 20 to as many as 50 years to reach ultimate growth.

Can you keep Skyrocket juniper short?

Use hand trimmers or power trimmers to trim off the ends of the branches to cut down the Skyrocket juniper to a smaller size. Skyrocket junipers can grow high enough to block sunlight from reaching other plants, and may require pruning to maintain the desired height.

How fast do Skyrocket junipers grow?

The Skyrocket Juniper can grow quickly – adding a foot or more per year – to its mature height of about 15 feet. It will keep its tall, narrow shape as it matures without the need for trimming or pruning. The tree’s small base makes it a great choice for smaller yards and urban settings.

Can Skyrocket junipers prune?

Cut them off near the trunk with the clippers. Remove broken branches several inches into healthy growth. Take care not to prune any stem or branch back to old wood. Skyrocket juniper will not regrow from old wood and if too much foliage is clipped, it will die.

How deep are Skyrocket juniper roots?

Although the precise depth of the plant’s roots depends in part on how much moisture is available, plants in their native, dry habitat root to a depth of 5 to 14 inches.

Are Skyrocket juniper roots invasive?

The juniper “Skyrocket” is probably the narrowest juniper variety available. In the landscape, Skyrocket juniper plants make a beautiful informal screen when planted en masse. They are also useful as specimen plants and their non-invasive roots mean they can even be used as foundation plantings.