How to attach and detach fragment?

How to attach and detach fragment?

How to attach and detach fragment?

attach() and detach() is respectively associates or detaches the Fragment with/from the Activity . When attaching the Fragment , the onAttach() lifecycle method is called, when detaching, the onDetach() lifecycle method is called in the Fragment .

How do you attach a fragment?

Add a fragment to an activity You can add your fragment to the activity’s view hierarchy either by defining the fragment in your activity’s layout file or by defining a fragment container in your activity’s layout file and then programmatically adding the fragment from within your activity.

How do you detach a fragment?

To detach an added Fragment from an Activity, you use: getFragmentManager(). beginTransaction(). detach(mFragment). commit().

What is difference between ADD and replace fragment?

9 Answers. One more important difference between add and replace is this: replace removes the existing fragment and adds a new fragment. This means when you press back button the fragment that got replaced will be created with its onCreateView being invoked.

How do I pass data from one fragment to another fragment?

Passing Data between fragments in Android using Interface

  1. Step 1: Create Interface. The First step is to create an Interface and make a function like below snippet.
  2. Step 2: Implement Interface in MyActivity.
  3. Step 3: Set Value in Interface.
  4. Step 4: Get Value in Detail List Fragment by Implementing Interface.

How do I move a fragment to an activity?

“move from fragment to another activity in android” Code Answer’s

  1. //going to another activity while ending the.
  2. //previous one so that users cannot go back.
  3. btListe = (ImageButton)findViewById(R. id.
  4. btListe.
  5. { public void onClick(View v)
  6. {
  7. intent = new Intent(main.
  8. startActivity(intent);

How do I know if a fragment is attached?

Use isAdded() to check whether the fragment is attached and then to getResources() from activity.

Is a fragment a view?

An Android fragment is a GUI component which can “live” inside an Activity . An Android fragment is not by itself a subclass of View which most other GUI components are. Instead, a fragment has a view inside it. It is this view which is eventually displayed inside the activity in which the fragment lives.

How do you refresh a fragment on a resume?

detach(this). attach(this). commit(); This line detach and re-attach the fragment so your content will be updated.

How do I replace a fragment?

Use replace() to replace an existing fragment in a container with an instance of a new fragment class that you provide. Calling replace() is equivalent to calling remove() with a fragment in a container and adding a new fragment to that same container. transaction. commit();