How to fix logon balancing error?

How to fix logon balancing error?

How to fix logon balancing error?

Double check your SAPGUI connection parameter is correctly maintained ( Application Server, System Number, System ID or SAProuter (if configured)) with the help of concern System Administrator. If you just did changes on the SAPGUI. Please close the SAPGUI and open it again. Try to connect again.

What is SAP logon balancing error 88?

If the error message “Logon balancing error 88: Can not connect to message server (rc = 9)” in SAP occur when trying to connect to a server. Checks should be the following: 1) File saplogon.

What is logon load balancing in SAP?

Load Balancing as the term suggests essentially means balancing the workload/requests among the servers so that the SAP system with the ability to provide the lowest possible turnaround time for requests is chosen. This can be done by using Logon Groups in SAP.

Where is the SAP INI file located?

On this page

SAP GUI application files Default location
saplogon.ini C:\Users\< username >\AppData\ Roaming\SAP\Common
SAP RFC library file Default location
sapnwrfc.ini C:\Program Files (x86)\ACL Software\Direct Link
Direct Link application file Default location

Can’t connect to Message Server SAP?

If you receive this SAP Logon error when you try to connect to SAP through Winshuttle Transaction, there might be a discrepancy between saplogon. ini files on your system. ini file cannot be modified in the Windows directory. Instead, a separate copy of the ini file is created when you try to save changes.

What is a SAP Web dispatcher?

The Web Dispatcher is the entry point for all external HTTP requests and the interface between all HTTP clients and the SAP system. The Web Dispatcher can work as load balancer for incoming requests which are distributed among all available application servers.

What are SAP NetWeaver components?

Components of SAP NetWeaver Application Server

  • Internet Communication Manager (ICM) – SAP NetWeaver.
  • SAP Web Dispatcher.
  • Gateway.
  • Monitoring and Administration of the SAP Message Server.
  • Standalone Program SAProuter.
  • Standalone Enqueue Server.
  • SAP Start Service.
  • Task handler.

How do I get the SAP Logon INI file?

ini file, just click on the top left corner of SAP logon pad and choose Options. Under SAP Logon Options, choose Configuration Files. Type Connection gives the path of saplogon. ini file.

How do I update my SAP INI file?

Click upper left corner of SAP GUI. Select Options. This is the directory that saplogon. ini should be unzipped into.

How do I find my Web dispatcher URL?

You do this in the Area Menu under Admin Handler. Enter the URL http(s)://host:admin_port/sap/admin in the browser. Here the host is the computer on which the Web dispatcher or ICM is running and admin_port is the administration port configured with icm/HTTP/admin_.

Why Web dispatcher is used in SAP?

What is the latest version of SAP NetWeaver?

SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP 19
The latest available release is SAP NetWeaver 7.5 SP 19.