How to use Virtual Regatta?

How to use Virtual Regatta?

How to use Virtual Regatta?

You don’t need to pay to use Virtual Regatta. It’s as simple as visiting their website from a laptop or PC or downloading the app on a smartphone or iPad and clicking ‘play now’ on either the inshore or offshore game. You can then enter the game and learn how to use it and compete against others all around the world.

Who owns Virtual Regatta?

Philippe Guigné
The company was founded by Philippe Guigné. We have 2 games at Virtual Regatta corresponding to the difference sailing disciplines, OFFSHORE and INSHORE. Beyond the conception, production and publishing of our games, the core business of Virtual Regatta is the creation of mass e-sailing events.

What is virtual sailing?

The Virtual Eye sailing system gives people with or without an understanding of sailing an opportunity to truly experience every moment of a race. Virtual Eye can show an entire race course, including marks, laylines, advantage lines and distances between the boats.

What is regatta game?

A regatta is a series of boat races. The term comes from the Venetian language, with regata meaning “contest” and typically describes racing events of rowed or sailed water craft, although some powerboat race series are also called regattas.

How does virtual sailing work?

These virtual regattas have routes identical to that of the actual race and the same start times. For each race, Virtual Regatta simulates the real meteorological conditions experienced by the skippers and allows its players to participate in real-time from their computers or mobile devices.

How does a sailing regatta work?

In the fleet format, regattas are scored by placement. The winner of each race gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, and so on. At the end of the regatta’s races, the teams’ scores are totaled and the lowest combined score across both divisions wins the regatta.

What is the red line in virtual regatta?

In some races around the world, a red line may appear in high latitudes. This limitation is added in order to get as close as possible to the real race course. As is already the case for all races, the white line on the map shows you the route to follow.

Are there any VR pirate games?

Pirates VR: Jolly Roger on Steam. Pirates VR Jolly Roger is a game alluding to old stories of the all-time most famous Pirates. The journey into the pirate world begins on a deserted island. Despite its extraordinary charm, the land hides a number of secrets and mysteries to be solved as well as obstacles and traps.

What happens at a regatta?

REGATTAS ARE ALL DAY EVENTS. The athletes stay all day, no matter when their races are. The athletes are needed to unload and rig the boats, and then de-rig and load the boats, and it builds team spirit when they travel together.

Is sailing a difficult sport?

Most disciplines sail two to three races a day, though some have as many as eight. We’re often on the water for six or seven hours. Sailing is demanding mentally and physically. At the base are boathandling, boat speed, and fitness, all of which must be perfected long before race day.

Is Blackwake a VR?

For those who don’t know it, Blackwake is a coop pirate game where you and your friends navigate a ship and pillage enemy ships ‘n stuff. I think it’d be pretty damn badass concept to transport in VR.

Is there a Virtual Regatta in virtual sailing?

Virtual Regatta Inshore est un jeu de simulation de régates virtuelles, c’est le jeu de voile officiel de la Fédération Mondiale de Voile (World Sailing). En partenariat avec Virtual Regatta et World Sailing, la Fédération Internationale de Voile, SailGP entre dans le monde du eSport avec le championnat du monde de esailing.

Which is the best regatta simulator to play?

And after the online regattas, join the real boat races! Virtual Regatta. The most popular regatta simulator. It is one of the best known online regatta games. It was created in 2010 and has become one of the benchmarks for lovers of online sailing competitions.

Which is the best online sailing simulation game?

Virtual Regatta Inshore: the best online sailing simulation since Virtual Skipper! When sailing with Virtual Regatta, you become part of the world’s largest sailing community with more than one million active players. Sail against the best: Virtual Regatta games are recognized by the greatest international skippers!

How can VR regatta be used for Education?

“What excites me about VR Regatta is how it can be used in an educational setting. For those who have never been sailing before, using VR Regatta allows them to learn the basics and put them into practice without introducing any potentially dangerous elements.