How wide is a Ford Explorer rear end?

How wide is a Ford Explorer rear end?

How wide is a Ford Explorer rear end?

Axle DimensionsRanger 1983-1992 7.5-Inch AxleExplorer 8.8Width WMS-WMS56-1/2 inches59-1/2 inchesAxle tube diameter (1983-2009 models):2.80 inches3.25 inchesPinion Offset Right Of Centerunk2 inches8

How do I know if I have an 8.8 rear end?

How to Tell the Difference Between an 8.8 and a 7.5 Rear EndLocate the axle tag. It is attached to the rear differential cover by one of the bolts, usually the top middle one. Note the three sets of numbers across the bottom of the tag. The middle number will be “7.5” or “8.8.” This is the size of the rear axle. Place a drain pan under the differential.

How wide is a 8.8 rear end?

How To Spot, Build, And Swap In the Ford 8.8 Mustang Rearend.Vehicle ApplicationAxle Width (inches)’86-’93 Ford Mustang 8.ORD’65-’66 Mustang67-’70 Mustang 8.•

How much power can a Ford 8.8 rear end handle?

about 400 rwhp

Are all Ford 8.8 rear ends the same?

First appearing in 1977, the 8.8 is found in almost all Ford V8 cars from ’86 on, and in V6 Rangers and Explorers. There are 24 different Fords that offered the 8.8 rear axle. The weakest points of the 8.8 are the 28-spline axles (1.18 inches in diameter).

Are all Ford 8.8 carriers the same?

The gears are all the same for Ford 8.8s. The carriers usually come in two different sizes, depending on gear ratio. The spider gears must match your axle spline count as that’s where they attach to the carrier. A full locker will replace the spider gears so it’ll need to be the same spline count.

What Mustangs came with IRS?

The Mustang first used the 8.8 IRS on 1999-2004 Cobra models. The IRS became standard across the Mustang line for the 2015 model year with the “super 8.8.”

Is limited slip the same as Positraction?

The limited-slip differential is similar to the positraction differential, but allows the wheel with traction to have only a limited amount of greater power than the wheel that is slipping. A limited-slip differential will prevent the tire with less traction from separately spinning. …

Is limited slip better than open?

If the other wheel spins in the opposite direction, you have an open differential. If it spins in the same direction, you have a limited slip differential, or LSD. When working properly, an open differential is the best riding, most comfortable option for everyday driving.

Can you lock a limited slip differential?

A limited-slip differential and a locking differential are not the same thing. Both are designed to maximize available torque to the wheel or wheels with the most traction, but they accomplish this in different ways and have different applications.

What good is a limited slip differential?

In this situation, a limited-slip differential prevents excessive power from being allocated to one wheel, and so keeps both wheels in powered rotation, ensuring that the traction will not be limited to the wheel which can handle the minimum amount of power.