Is 25 a good LNAT score?

Is 25 a good LNAT score?

Is 25 a good LNAT score?

Whilst the available information is not precise and changes every year based on the performance of the cohort, you should consider the score to be about 25. Naturally, the average for a successful candidate will be higher. The Essay is taken into the account.

What LNAT score do I need for Oxford?

Applicants for Law at Oxford sit the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT). The average scores in 2019 were 24 for all applicants, 28 for shortlisted applicants, and 29 for successful applicants. At Cambridge, on the other hand, Law applicants are required to take the Cambridge Law Test (CLT).

What is a good LNAT score for LSE?

For example, Bristol University uses the following weightings: 60% multiple choice questions and 40% essay….What is the average LNAT Score in the Top Law Schools in the UK?

Law School Average LNAT score – Offered
London School of Economics – Department of Law 29

Is 27 a good LNAT score?

Considering that there are no official score cut off points, LNAT exam results are assessed by universities holistically. You should aim for a result of 27 or above to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting a place at your preferred university.

How difficult is the LNAT?

The LNAT Test is a challenging one at the very least – after all, students who take it try to get into top law schools at the world’s best universities. Everyone finds the exam hard and it is rather about practice to achieve that above average score in relation to the most demanding university choice on your UCAS form.

What is a good LNAT score 2020?

Do you need the LNAT for Oxford?

The LNAT is not run by Oxford University. The test is used by nine UK universities as part of their admissions process for undergraduate applications to Law.

Is the LNAT difficult?

Is 22 a good LNAT score?

Is LNAT harder than Arbitio?

You have a lower score on arbitio because it’s more harder than the real ones. So you will more likely get a higher score than your arbitio score and near your official practice test average.

Can u retake the LNAT?

Can I re-sit the LNAT if I think I did badly? No. You may only sit the LNAT once between 1 September 2021 and 31 July 2022. If you try to sit it twice, the later sitting will be automatically invalidated and the later result will be void.