Is 360 Total Security PC safe?

Is 360 Total Security PC safe?

Is 360 Total Security PC safe?

Is 360 Total Security a good antivirus? The short answer – no, it’s an average antivirus with mediocre anti-malware protection. While it does perform reasonably decently in third-party lab tests, it can’t compare with the leaders like Kaspersky and Norton.

Is 360 Antivirus good for PC?

Is 360 Total Security Any Good? The short answer – it is ok, but not on par with AVG free or Avast free. In real-world tests, it even lags behind Bitdefender and Avira, although it does use their antivirus engines.

Does 360 security really work?

5.0 out of 5 stars As good as any other antivirus software on the market. For a no cost computer security software 360 Total Security is qute effective. Virus stopped by software recently. It does a good job letting you know about start up time and is aware when you go to shopping websites.

Is Windows Defender good enough 2020?

The short answer is, yes… to an extent. Microsoft Defender is good enough to defend your PC from malware on a general level, and has been improving a lot in terms of its antivirus engine in recent times.

Yes 360 security really work as it protects us from all kinds of malware, viruses, spyware, etc. Nowadays, there are many free antivirus available with us that provide advanced protection. Get a free trial of REVE Antivirus to have a safer experience.

Is 360 Total Security safe?

In conclusion, 360 Total Security seemed safe , but we would not recommend it to the casual computer user as it may detect and remove important files, as well as bundle with adware, unwanted programs, and malware.

Is 360 Total Security good?

360 Total Security disables Windows Defender during its installation, and that is a good thing because having two antivirus applications running simultaneously can mean conflicts and performance issues. However, it does not disable Windows Firewall, but that is OK because it does not include a firewall module of its own.

Is there Free Antivirus for Windows 10?

The best and free antivirus software you can use for your Windows 10 Pro is Windows Defender. It’s a built-in antivirus for Windows, guaranteed safe.