Is Animenz a professional pianist?

Is Animenz a professional pianist?

Is Animenz a professional pianist?

Classically trained musician, Animenz won several competitions as a young pianist before starting his musical studies at the Hochschule für Musik and Theater Rostock. Though he has made a series of concerto appearances, the main thrust of his work is in recording and performing the music of anime.

What is Animenz real name?

Maik Guo
Animenz/Full name

Artist: Maik Guo, the stage name Animenz, born in 1991, German-born ethnic Chinese, the world-famous animation pianist. He successfully adapted more than 100 anime songs into piano piece.

How hard is unravel by Animenz?

It’s impossible. Simple as that. You have to understand that Animenz is a highly dedicated and highly gifted pianist. If the piano is just a hobby for you, this particular arrangement will take years.. Especially if you want to play it note for note.

What piano does Animenz use?

The only electrical piano I own is a Kawai CA63. If you are planning to buy an upright piano: a Yamaha or Kawai is a very good start. My first upright piano was an Yamaha as well. Also, the steinway grand I am using in my recent videos belong to the conservatory I am attending.

Can Animenz speak Japanese?

Animenz Piano Sheets on Twitter: “Techically, I can speak 5 languages: German, English, Chinese, a bit french, Shanghainese dialect, and a bit weeaboo Japanese.… “

How many Steinway artists are there?

Steinway Artists From classical pianists like Lang Lang, to jazz stars like Diana Krall, to pop icons like Billy Joel, to “immortals” like Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Arthur Rubinstein — more than 1,600 artists make the Steinway their own.

How difficult is Animenz?

-Animenz arrangement of Tokyo Ghoul theme, is very complex and hard. It “would be” ARCT in piano perfomance, I would say it is as hard as pieces such Waldstein sonata or Moment musicaux nº4 by Rachmaninoff…etc. It is a very hard piece to learn. It is probably the hardest transcription ever made by Animenz.

Is unravel difficult?

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Does Animenz have piano sheets?

Animenz Piano sheets | finest piano transcriptions (and anime stuff)

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Why are Steinway and Sons pianos so expensive?

First of all, Steinways are created to be the finest pianos possible. They are made with the best materials with highly skilled labor and have a long, rich history of piano manufacturing. There are a number of piano companies mostly in Germany, that make pianos on an extremely high level and cost as much as Steinway.