Is Craigslist a legit site?

Is Craigslist a legit site?

Is Craigslist a legit site?

Craigslist is a legitimate website, and most of the ads you see on Craigslist are legit as well.

How do you put something for sale on Craigs list?

Selling Items on Craigslist Go to Choose the state where you live. Click on the post to classifieds button. Click the for sale button, will bring you to another category page. Enter the posting information. Submit pictures of what you’re selling. Check your listing for accuracy. Click on the Continue button. That’s it!

How to get good stuff free on Craigslist?

Choose Your Craigslist Location. Click on the Craigslist city that’s closest to where you live so you can find the free stuff closest to you.

  • Find the Free Stuff Section. You’ll now be taken to all the Craigslist classified ads for your chosen city.
  • Narrow Down the Listings.
  • Browse Through the Results.
  • Select Your Free Stuff.
  • Do things sell on Craigslist?

    The things that sell well on Craigslist will likely vary depending on your location and local needs, plus any current fads. However, the things that seem to do well on Craigslist in general include: Cars and other vehicles, cell phones/smartphones, bicycles, electronics and appliances, gear for your garden and yard,…

    Should you buy car from Craiglist?

    Yes, certainly, it’s safe to buy a car being advertised on Craigslist. However, you must take precautions and especially watch for scammers who will trick you out of your money and provide you no car. Here’s details on this popular used car scam that catches a lot of novice car buyers:

    How do you get free posting on Craigslist?

    Steps Go to your local Click on “Post to classifieds” on the top left. Select the category “For Sale” and continue. Select “Free Stuff” Create your post of what you want to give away. Check your email for the publish activation link. Do not include your street address. Wait for an email or call (if you leave a phone number)

    How to create account in Craiglist?

    Craigslist Sign Up – Step by Step Guide To create a new account go to the sign up page. Enter your email address at the top of the page and click “Create account”. Now go to your email inbox and click on the new Craigslist account confirmation link. Enter a new password that’s at least 8 characters long or more. Click on “Submit Password and Log In”.