Is Far Cry 4 Good Reddit?

Is Far Cry 4 Good Reddit?

Is Far Cry 4 Good Reddit?

Try Far Cry 4 and I think you’ll find it better, even if it’s just a much larger gun collection. Honestly a lot better than 5. Simple, fun stealth, fun outposts, fun missions, solid combat.

Is Far Cry 4 or 5 better Reddit?

Far Cry 4 has a better overall world building. Sadly, there are no radio towers to uncover maps in Far Cry 5 (I loved to climb them), but you can pick up a map to see points of interests. Far Cry 5 has about the same amount of random locations, but I noticed they contained enemies more often than in Far Cry 4.

Is Far Cry 4 worth the money?

Absolutely. The world is interesting— the topography make completing objectives and assaulting outposts varied and dynamic. The story is believable and interesting, the graphics are good on the PS3, really good on the PS4 and amazing on the PC.

How long does it take to 100% Far Cry 4?


Speedrun Polled Median
Any% 4 3h 01m 59s
100% 1 18h 28m 47s

Is Far Cry 4 the best Far Cry?

Far Cry 4. It’s clear Ubisoft didn’t want to deviate too much from its established formula with Far Cry 4. . Despite that, it is still one of the very best games in the franchise and of the current generation. The Nepal-inspired Kyat is arguably the most impressive environment in the entire series.

Is Far Cry New Dawn better than Far Cry 5?

It’s more of a small, direct sequel to Far Cry 5. The good thing is that, while New Dawn looks and feels incredibly familiar, it manages to mostly get away from the narrative and thematic issues that plagued Far Cry 5. It doesn’t pretend to have anything to say. But it also introduces some of its own problems.

How many hours is farcry 4?

35 hours
Far Cry 4 is an open-world game with side-activities and a full-on campaign. But just how long is the whole thing? Far Cry 4’s creative director Alex Hutchinson took to Twitter to answer one fan asking how the long the game is. 35 hours, not too shabby.

Who is the developer of Far Cry 4?

Far Cry 4 is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft for consoles and PC. Moderator list hidden. Learn More Reddit Inc © 2021 . All rights reserved

Why was Far Cry 4 released after 7 years?

The Ministry of Public Affairs and Social Harmony would like to thank all the citizens of r/FarCry4 for keeping a very positive, peaceful and active atmosphere, even after 7 years of the game’s release.

Is it possible to Trophy grind Far Cry 4?

I’m trophy grinding far cry 4 on ps4 and the Renaissance man achievement is basically impossible because the game is dead I already got two other friends that are willing to play I just need three people to run online with me text me if your down to play

Who is Ajay Ghale in Far Cry 4?

That being said, the Ministry also requests all citizens to report about any sightings of Ajay Ghale, the new visitor to Kyrat who has been brainwashed by the scum southern Golden Path rebels. May Pagan’s Light shine upon you all.