Is fescue a good sod?

Is fescue a good sod?

Is fescue a good sod?

Why Southern California loves fescue Tall fescue is the most popular variety because it can thrive in different types of soils and temperatures. The grass can withstand a range of temperatures and of Southern California. Also, tall fescue won’t overtake other grasses. Thus, it’s a good choice for mixes.

How do you identify fescue grass?

Tall fescue can be identified by its wide leaf blades that have equal-sized veins. It has no prominent midrib. When left unmowed it forms a panicle style seed head containing six to eight seeds. Tall fescue should not be blended with any other grass species.

How do you take care of fescue grass?

Lawn Maintenance Tips for Tall Fescue

  1. Mow your lawn as low as is advised for the variety.
  2. Rake to remove cuttings and debris.
  3. Aerate the patch.
  4. Apply a new seed fertiliser.
  5. Sow at the recommended overseeding rate (usually around 20g per square metre)
  6. Water to keep the lawn moist for 2-3 weeks while the seeds germinate.

Should you overseed new fescue sod?

I always recommend a turf-type fescue. When overseeding a Fescue lawn, it is not absolutely necessary to overseed with the same variety or name brand of seed that was used when your lawn was originally planted. Often, the variety you first planted may no longer be available.

What is the difference between tall fescue and fine fescue?

Tall fescue is a broad-leaved fescue with wide, flat blades typical of lawn grasses. Fine fescue is the collective term for all fine-leaved fescue grasses. Fine fescue has thinner blades than tall fescue, with some fine fescues having needle-type blades.

Is fescue grass hard to maintain?

Hard fescue does not need to be mowed often, if at all. Chewings fescue grows well in sandy soils and is drought resistant. Creeping Red Fescue – Often found in shaded areas and mixed with other cool-season grass types to help with that turf’s shade tolerance.

What month do you plant fescue?

Late summer to early fall is the best time to plant tall fescue seed. Fall offers several advantages not available any other time of year. As air temperatures drop in autumn, soil still retains some summer warmth.

How long does fescue grass live?

It is the rhizomes from the bluegrass that hold the sod together and keep it from falling apart. Overseeding is important with tall fescue. A blade of grass only lives an average of 40 days before it dies.

What is the best sod?

The most popular & preferred is Emerald Zoysia Sod. Ultimately, the best type and the most popular (favorite) will always be one in the same if we are surveying people who love their lawns. Choosing the best sod is very simple but the sod growing industry complicates it with marketing claims.

What is the best place to buy sod?

Hillcrest Sod is the best place to buy sod and at the best sod prices. Hillcrest has sod for sale and provides quality products and services for to the metro Detroit area since 1964.

What are some lawn diseases on fescue?

There are four common diseases of fescue lawns: PYTHIUM BLIGHT usually occurs in late spring when there are hot days, warm nights and plenty of rain. You may be able to see the white fungal growth at the edges of a dead patch of grass. It is most common on lawns which have had too much seed planted in the fall or spring.

Is fescue grass good for lawns?

Fescue grass is a cool season grass good for use as lawns or for grazing. The coarse textured medium to dark green grass withstands moderate traffic and infrequent mowing. Drought tolerant and shade resistant, this grass is highly adaptable to a number of conditions and climates around the world.