Is firstly correct use?

Is firstly correct use?

Is firstly correct use?

Even though they are both adverbs, ‘first’ and ‘firstly’ are hardly interchangeable in all situations: we never say “I firstly noticed it yesterday.” One might say “firstly, what are you doing in my home?” or “firstly, I hope you have insurance”—but if you want to avoid criticism, ‘first’ is the best bet for most …

How do you use firstly in a sentence?

Firstly , Turkey has had to fight a separatist terrorist movement for 15 years. Firstly , they are impressed that you can shuffle using the riffle shuffle because the average kid isn’t ready to shuffle at all. Firstly , by reports that bovine spinal cord was being incompletely removed from some carcasses.

What is firstly used for?

You can use first or firstly to introduce the first point in a discussion, the first of a series of questions or instructions, or the first item in a list. First, mix the eggs and flour. There are two reasons why I’m angry. Firstly you’re late, and secondly, you’ve forgotten your homework.

Do you say first off or firstly?

I would say ‘first’ or ‘firstly’ would be used in formal writing; ‘first of all’ in less formal writing and in speech; and ‘first off’ is the most colloquial. After some quick research, I find ‘first of all’ is much more common than ‘first off’. That doesn’t mean you have to use the more common one, of course.

What can I say instead of firstly?

first off

  • first of all.
  • first thing.
  • firstly.
  • foremost.
  • immediately.
  • in the first place.
  • primo.
  • up front.

What is mean of firstly?

in the first place
: in the first place : first. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More About firstly.

What kind of word is firstly?

First and firstly are both ordinal (or ordering) adverbs that English speakers and writers use to enumerate related points (e.g., first… second… third… or firstly…

How do you start an essay without saying firstly?

Just say: “First, …, Second, …, Third, …,” and so on. Or … (1) (2) (3) …, and so on. 2….

  1. “The most pertinent point is…”
  2. “Another interesting point to consider…”
  3. “If we analyze another problem beyond the first two, we find….”

What type of word is firstly?

What does this word mean first?

First is used to describe something as being original or before anything else, as in time, order, or rank. First can also be used to describe something as happening before something else or as happening for the first time. First is also used as a noun to mean the person or thing that is before all others, as in rank.