Is Gtech a Chinese company?

Is Gtech a Chinese company?

Is Gtech a Chinese company?

“Currently Gtech products are built in China and transported to the UK in shipping containers which are unloaded into a warehouse. “They are then individually picked and delivered to consumers. Gtech, which is based in Worcester and employs 200 staff, has grown into a £121m business since it was founded in 2001.

Is Gtech German?

G-Tech Holdings, is a leading green energy consulting and solutions provider in Asia established in 2005 in Germany. At G-Tech Holdings, we believe that being at the forefront of innovation is the key to outstanding performance and client satisfaction.

Is Gtech still trading?

Gtech makes a range of vacuum cleaners, bikes and lawnmowers and was founded by Nick Grey in 2001. In February 2018, Gtech announced that it was to create more than 100 jobs in Worcestershire by moving some of its manufacturing operations back to Britain.

How much is the Gtech man worth?

In 2015, G Tech had sales revenues of 66 million pounds (with an estimated 90 million pounds in 2017), with a profit of 12.5 million pounds, giving the company’s founder (and 90% shareholder) Nick Grey a personal net worth of 95 million pounds.

Are Gtech Hoovers any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Very effective vacuum cleaner, with a some brilliant new design features. I’ve had the original AirRam for a few years and still really appreciate how easy it is to use. It’s so easy to just pick it up and clean without really thinking about it.

How many employees does Gtech have?

The company is based in Warndon, Worcestershire….Grey Technology (Gtech)

Type Privately held company
Key people Nick Grey (Managing director)
Products Vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, branch cutters, pedelecs
Owner Nick Grey
Number of employees 120 (2016)

Are Gtech cordless Hoovers any good?

Are Gtech Mowers any good?

If you’re looking for a wire-free lawn mower, the Gtech Cordless Lawn Mower 2.0 is one of the best we’ve tested, but it doesn’t come cheap. The grass box is lightweight and it’s easy to carry even when full. The battery offers 40 minutes mowing time, but takes just one to hour to fully recharge.

Is Gtech AirRam any good?

The AirRAM scores points for being quite light at around 3.5 kg. It also manages to pick up more dirt than other handheld cleaners I’ve used. It also goes quite long between empties — partly because it compacts the dirt as it collects it. Of course, it’s not all positive.

Who is the founder and CEO of Gtech?

This is the clear vision that our founder and CEO, Nick Grey, started Gtech (Grey Technology) with back in 2001. After working for a vacuum manufacturer as Head of Product Development, he decided to go it alone.

Where is the headquarters of Gtech gaming company?

GTECH’s world headquarters, shown while still under construction, in Providence, Rhode Island. GTECH Corporation was a gaming technology company based in Providence, Rhode Island, United States.

What kind of floor care products does Gtech make?

Since then Gtech have launched more floorcare products such as Multi, Pro and HyLite, as well as an eBike range, a garden range, and even an automated massage bed. Gtech has also designed several products on a ‘ white-label ‘ basis for other brands.

Who is the founder of Gtech vacuum cleaner company?

Gtech was founded by Nick Grey, who had previously worked at vacuum cleaner brand VAX. The company launched its first product, the SW01 cordless floor sweeper, in 2002. Its latest product is the AirRAM cordless vacuum cleaner, launched in 2012. Gtech has also designed several products on a ‘white-label’ basis for other brands.