Is IBA a degree?

Is IBA a degree?

Is IBA a degree?

In 2002, the IBA undergraduate programs were upgraded to 4-year degree programs. Considering the growing demand of certain courses in the market, the IBA introduced a series of BS programs, including BS Economics and Mathematics, BS Social Sciences and Liberal Arts and BS Accounting and Finance in 2012 and 2013.

How can I get admission in IBA for MBA?

Applicants to the MBA, MBA (Evening) and MS Programs must have: A minimum of 16 years of education (culminating in a master’s degree or equivalent) out of which 4 years should have been spent in an HEC recognized university/degree awarding institute with 2.5 CGPA or 60% in the last degree (whichever is applicable).

Is IBA good for CS?

Although known for its business endeavors but to my surprise, they have a really good computer science division too. Established in 1983, with the collaboration of IBM, the Center of Computer Studies in IBA is now called “Faculty of Computer Sciences” and provides BS, MS and even PhD degrees in this field.

What courses does IBA offer?

Undergraduate Programs offered in IBA Karachi

  • BBA.
  • BS Computer Science.
  • BS Economics & Mathematics.
  • BS Accounting & Finance.
  • BS Economics.
  • BS Social Sciences.

Is Iba public or private?

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi; (انسٹيٹيوٹ آف بزنس ايڈمنسٹريشن) is a public university in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. IBA was established as a business school in 1955 by Pakistani government with the technical support from the Wharton School and the University of Southern California.

What is IBA degree?

The international bachelor of arts (iBA) is designed to prepare students for a future as global citizens. The iBA program is designed for those who are interested in the study of global dynamics and worldwide issues from the perspective of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Does IBA have waiting list?

IMPORTANT: You will remain on the waiting list for the IBA programme as long as you do not withdraw your registration in Studielink. If you withdraw your registration for IBA, your rank number will be passed over by Studielink and you will not be offered a place in the programme even if your number is called.

How long is MBA in Iba?

The maximum duration to complete the program is 5 years and the minimum is 2 years. What is the maximum/minimum duration to complete MBA Evening? The maximum duration to complete the program is 7 years and the minimum is 3.5 years. Is there any requirement of minimum CGPA during studies at the IBA?

Why should I go to Iba?

As you progress through your degree programme you will begin to shape your course and specialise in the business functions you are most interested in. IBA graduates can look forward to a wide range of job opportunities in management, marketing, accounting, corporate finance, consultancy or even human resources.

Is iba a good university?

The Institute of Business administration (IBA Karachi) is one of the oldest and most prestigious business schools of Pakistan. It is a public sector, general category university and is one of the leading business institutes of Pakistan.

How many seats are there in Iba?

According to a DU press release, a total of 7,541 examinees applied to participate in the admission test against 120 seats available, leading to an average of 63 applicants per position. The admission test was held from 10:00am to 12:00pm on DU campus.

Where is the Institute of Business Administration located?

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA; Urdu: انسٹيٹيوٹ آف بزنس ايڈمنسٹريشن‎) is an independent university in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Founded in 1955, it is the newest business school outside North America.

Is the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi an independent university?

Several prominent American professors were assigned to the IBA to develop its curriculum. It remained a constituent school within the University of Karachi until, in 1994, when its status was elevated to an independent chartered university by the Sindh Government.

Which is the Best Business School in Pakistan?

Since 2003, IBA has expanded from a purely graduate business school to an interdisciplinary university with undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. IBA, today, is one of Pakistan’s selective and highest-ranked institutes particularly known for its business program.

How is admission to IBA Karachi based on sat?

Admission to IBA Karachi is based on Entry Test, SAT/ACT and Interview. During 2019-20, financial assistance in the amount of PKR 297 million was provided to 886 students and qarz-e-hasna was arranged for another 110 students.