Is it OK for a man to cry at a movie?

Is it OK for a man to cry at a movie?

Is it OK for a man to cry at a movie?

Films have the ability to evoke all kinds of emotions. However, society tells us that men are not supposed to cry at films as it is a sign of weakness. Unless you are a robot or have a heart of stone, all guys have watched a film that, at the very least, made them misty-eyed.

Does The Shawshank Redemption make you cry?

The Shawshank Redemption makes you cry because of how powerfully it uses catharsis as a device. Andy Dufresne’s journey is one we become completely invested in, as with his friendship with Red and every other character we see in the movie.

Do you cry during Forrest Gump?

I don’t cry at films, which is unsurprising as I don’t generally cry. Thank goodness, then, for Forrest Gump, the one thing guaranteed to get me blubbing. It superbly plays on emotion throughout, finely balancing comedy and tragedy, but the tears-inducing scene is specific.

Does Bambi make you cry?

It is more than six decades since the lovable little deer took his first faltering steps in the forest. But Bambi is still the film most likely to bring tears to the eyes, a poll has revealed.

Is it normal for a man to cry a lot?

Outlook. Some people cry more than others. Women tend to cry more than men, even in cultures where it’s acceptable for males to cry. Crying more than is normal for you may be a symptom of depression or a neurological disorder.

Is Shawshank Redemption sad?

If there were ever any movie to be crowned as king of critically underappreciated movies, it would be The Shawshank Redemption. While it would be okay for any guy to admit that this film didn’t make him cry, it would be utterly tragic if said guy also admitted he wasn’t moved at all by it.

Is Shawshank Redemption emotional?

We meet the inmates of the prison and become a part of their life. Instead of concentrating just on Andy’s character, the film also delves into the lives of other inmates. There is a very emotional scene halfway through the movie when Brooks Hatlen, after spending 50 years at Shawshank is granted parole.