Is Montreal a good place to learn French?

Is Montreal a good place to learn French?

Is Montreal a good place to learn French?

Not only is Montreal the number one best city for students, but it naturally follows that also being the second-largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, it’s the best city for students learning French. Learning French in Montreal is, debatably, on par with learning in Paris.

How much does it cost to study French in Montreal?


1-11 weeks: Full-time $320
12-15 weeks: Full-time $310
16-23 weeks: Full-time $300
24+ weeks: Full-time $290

Which school is best for learning French?


  • Accent Français.
  • Accent de France Séjour linguistique 17.
  • The American University of Paris.
  • CAVILAM Vichy Alliance Française.
  • Coeur de France Ecole de Langues.
  • Eurolingua Institute Study Abroad.
  • Français Immersion at Thomas’ Home.
  • Français Immersion Loisirs.

Do schools in Montreal speak French?

Expat parents should note that the language of instruction at most Montreal schools is French. The majority of the population in Montreal speaks French as a first language, and it is the official language of business.

Do you have to learn French in Montreal?

Don’t learn any French – Yes, Montreal is in Canada where English is the most common language. Of course you can get around town and enjoy a trip to Montreal without knowing or speaking any French, but learning just a little bit will make your trip much more interesting.

Do they pay you to learn French in Montreal?

Social (47 Shares) The Quebec government has introduced improved options to help immigrants learn French. Under the expansion of the provincial French program for immigrants, any immigrant taking in-person classes in Quebec will now be eligible for financial compensation.

How can I learn French for free in Montreal?

Here are our top 10 (mostly) free ways to learn French in Montréal.

  1. The Language Laboratory at the BaNQ (FREE)
  2. Conversation Exchange (FREE)
  3. Ministry of Immigration — Classroom Courses (FREE)
  4. Ministry of Immigration — Digital Courses (FREE)
  5. Mundo Lingo (FREE)
  6. Explore Bursary Program (FREE)
  7. Meetup Montréal (FREE)

Where should I live to learn French?

The 10 Best Countries to Learn French

  • French Guiana. Located just north of South America, Guiana is a small, bustling city with a tasteful blend of French and South American (Brazilian) culture with the perfect balance of cultures from around the world.
  • Senegal.
  • Canada.
  • Morocco.
  • Madagascar.
  • Luxembourg.
  • France.
  • Switzerland.

Can I go to McGill if I don’t speak French?

Do I need to be bilingual? No, you don’t have to be perfectly bilingual to study at McGill — and yes, we speak French! You’ll hear French spoken around campus, and all across Montreal.

Which is the best bilingual school in Montreal?

The world’s largest bilingual city, Montreal is rich in European charm with a unique English and French cultural mix. EC Montreal is an airy, modern school located in the heart of the city, where

Where is the best place to learn French in Montreal?

Our modern school has friendly and professional staff, and is located in the Faubourg shopping mall in the city centre. General and intensive French courses at EC Montreal focus on the core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve your confidence and increase fluency.

How much does it cost to take English class in Montreal?

You will need to purchase a textbook (English $30, French $50) upon arrival. There are 6 two-month levels in the language program going from a A1-C1 (Beginner to Advanced). There are 3 morning classes dedicated to grammar, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, and intonation.

Which is the best school to learn French?

Junior French courses are available as a day course or as a package with accommodation and activities included. These are often divided into two age ranges; children and teens. Private French classes are designed as a pack of lessons available in various formations. Students can have their one-to-one lessons in the school or online.