Is No Vaseline about Eminem?

Is No Vaseline about Eminem?

Is No Vaseline about Eminem?

Eminem Lists Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline,” MC Lyte’s “10% Diss” and More as His Favorite Diss Tracks Ever. before kicking off the “Roxanne Wars,” and “10% Diss” by MC Lyte, who came at MC Antoinette for allegedly ripping the beat for her debut single “I Got An Attitude” from Audio Two’s “Top Billin’.”

Was there a response to No Vaseline?

Los Angeles, CA – Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” is well-known as one of the most scathing diss records in Hip Hop history. The former N.W.A member aired out his crew, but there was never a significant response from the remaining four members of the World’s Most Dangerous Group.

When did No Vaseline come out?

No Vaseline/Released

What happened with Eazy E and Ice Cube?

Eazy E and Ice Cube had a falling out, which resulted in Cube leaving the group and recording “No Vaseline,” heralded as one of the greatest diss records of all time. Eazy E died at age 31 on March 26, 1995, from complications of AIDS, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Does Ice Cube not like Eminem?

According to Genius he liked Rap God. Because Ice Cube doesn’t like Eminem, he’s jealous of Eminem’s success. He did say he is a fan and he is willing to work on a collaboration.

Why did N.W.A not respond to No Vaseline?

N.W.A never responded to the song as a group. Not long after the release, Dr. Dre left the group, citing lack of monetary compensation. This led to N.W.A’s dissolution as its members went on to start their solo careers.

Why did NWA not respond to No Vaseline?

What broke up NWA?

Dr. Dre had become dissatisfied with his deal at Ruthless Records by the time of Efil4zaggin’s release. In early 1992, he and The D.O.C. left N.W.A and Ruthless Records for Death Row Records, effectively ending N.W.A.

Who introduced Eminem to Dr Dre?

“I heard something in the kid who gave it to me,” Dre’s partner in crime, Jimmy Iovine, told Rolling Stone. “He was 19, an intern. He said, ‘I heard a tape on the street, at this rapathon. ‘ I said, ‘Tell you what – people helped me a lot when I was your age.